Dobrik was dropped through sponsors — including HelloFresh, DoorDash, and also Spark funding — ~ a previous member the his "Vlog Squad" to be accused that misconduct.

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David Dobrik speaks during Nickelodeon's Kids' choice Awards on march 13, 2021, in Santa Monica, Calif.Rich rage / Getty pictures for Nickelodeon
David Dobrik, a famous YouTuber known for his prank videos, to be dropped by multiple sponsors amid growing backlash ~ a mrs accused a member that his popular ensemble that rape.

A mrs alleged that previous "Vlog Squad" member Dom Zeglaitis sexually attacked her in 2018 while the team filmed a video about team sex, according to an investigation an initial reported by Insider. The woman alleged the Dobrik filmed her as she gotten in Zeglaitis" bedroom where she was affiliated in a threesome.

She told the publishing that she was as well incapacitated by alcohol throughout the night to offer consent and also described the experience as rape. NBC News has actually not talked to the accuser.

Zeglaitis and also his representative did not respond to multiple NBC News requests for comment. Zeglaitis has actually not publicly addressed the allegation.

The fallout because that Dobrik, who has actually seen a meteoric increase to fame through his fast-paced comedy videos top top YouTube, to be swift.

Companies HelloFresh, basic Mills, DoorDash, SeatGeek, and EA Sports shown to NBC News ~ above Monday that they were no much longer working v Dobrik.

A DoorDash spokeswoman called NBC News in an email that the firm “profoundly condemns the habits of the Vlog formation members, and we have terminated our sponsorship that David Dobrik"s podcast "Views.’”

“This horrific misconduct is incongruous v DoorDash"s values and also does not stand for the communities we effort to create. Our thoughts space with every those impacted,” the spokeswoman said.

EA Sports claimed that the company has not functioned with Dobrik due to the fact that April 2020 and also had no plan to work with the in the future.

“We expect any kind of influencer or celebrity talent we job-related with to command themselves in a manner that is constant with EA"s values and policies,” the firm said.

Among the various other sponsors that finished their working relationship with Dobrik were Dollar shave Club, Audible, Facebook and also HBO Max, Insider reported. The carriers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Sunday, Dobrik stated in a statement to The info that he would step down indigenous the plank of Dispo, a photo-app that he co-founded, and also would leaving the company in order to "not distract from the company"s growth."

And top top Monday, venture capital firm Spark Capital, which led a $20 million investment in Dispo, announced on Twitter they would “sever every ties” with the start-up.

"We have actually stepped under from our position on the board and we space in the process of making arrangements come ensure we carry out not benefit from our current investment in Dispo," the firm said in a statement.

Seven seven Six, an additional early investor of Dispo, likewise issued a explain on Twittersaying the allegations including Dobrik space “extremely troubling” and also “directly in ~ odds with seven Seven Six’s main point values.”

"We have been working carefully with Dispo over the critical week and are in full support of your decision to component ways through David," the company said top top Monday. "We have made the decision to donate any type of profits native our investment in Dispo to an organization working with survivors of sex-related assault."

Dobrik uploaded the 2018 video clip — titled, "SHE must NOT have PLAYED through FIRE!!" — a couple of days after ~ the incident, according to Insider. Once the mrs asked Zeglaitis to eliminate the video, the video clip had currently garnered 5 million views, the publishing reported. The video was removed adhering to her request.

The accuser has actually not reported the event to authorities, and no charges have actually been filed versus Zeglaitis, Insider reported.

NBC News to be unable to individually corroborate the woman"s claims, texts, and video from the evening. A representative for Dobrik did not respond come multiple NBC News requests for comment.

In a seven-minute video uploaded come his personal YouTube channel early Tuesday, Dobrik apologized and said the "broke his heart" the didn"t with out previously to the females who said they were uncomfortable during the filming that the video in 2018.

"I desire to start this video by saying I completely believe the woman who came out versus Dom and also said she was sexually assaulted and raped by him," Dobrik said.

He said he had a obligation to ensure the everyone who showed up in that video clip felt safe and that he produced an environment that that "enabled and made them feel choose their safety and also values to be compromised."

Dobrik added while he got approval from the woman via text to article the video clip in 2018, that "should have actually never posted it."

"What I understand now and I didn"t understand prior to is that she sent out that text since she felt she had actually to — no that she want to — and also that"s f----d up, and also I"m sorry," he said.

After Insider"s story to be published, Dobrik stated in a video posted critical week ~ above his podcast"s YouTube channel the "consent is something that"s super, super essential to me, even if it is I"m shooting v a friend or shooting v a stranger."

“I’m i m really sorry if i’ve let girlfriend down,” that said. “There’s also been moments where I’ve looked earlier on videos, and I realize the these don’t stand for me anymore, and they’re hurtful to other people, and I don’t want them up because I’ve grown together a content creator and as a person, and I don’t agree with some of the videos i have posted.”

In critical week"s video, Dobrik likewise addressed an additional sexual attack allegation involving him and another former "Vlog Squad" member, Joseth Francois.

In February, Francois said Buzzfeed News the a prank Dobrik traction on him in 2017 was sex-related assault. In the video, Francois to be tricked into believing he was kissing a woman; in reality, he kissed existing “Vlog Squad” member, Jason Nash, who is a man.

"The suggest of the video clip is to sexually attack me," Francois said. "That"s the whole premise."

A spokesperson because that Francois called NBC News in an e-mail Tuesday that Francois had actually not received a “direct call” or a “personal apology” indigenous Dobrik and also Nash. Nash go not immediately respond come a inquiry for comment Tuesday.

"I’m i m really sorry to Seth, since like ns said, I simply want to make videos wherein everybody in it, whether you’re participating or watching, is enjoying and having a an excellent time,” Dobrik said in the video clip last week. “And ns missed the note with the one. And I’m really sorry. Ns truly, truly am.”

Since 2014, Dobrik has amassed practically 19 million subscribers top top his an individual YouTube channel.

Dobrik stated in his most recent apology video clip that he stopped filming with Zeglaitis in 2019.

He included that he would take a step back from social media to develop out a "checks and also balances" mechanism where "people interact discomfort in a means that"s comfortable because that them."

"It doesn"t feel ideal to go earlier to posting prefer I have actually been, and it also doesn"t feel ideal to walk dark since I love what ns do, yet I think the is crucial to show that readjust is possible and that I"m discovering maybe even forgiveness is possible," Dobrik said.

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"I want to use this possibility to step up and own my mistakes," he said. "This is my beginning to one end, and I"m i m really sorry to anyone that ns hurt."

If friend or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, call the national Sexual attack Telephone Hotline in ~ 1-800-656-4673. The hotline, operation by the Rape, Abuse, & Incest nationwide Network (RAINN), deserve to put you in contact with your regional rape crisis center. You deserve to also accessibility RAINN’s digital chat company at