The ideal time come visit St. Maarten is December through April once temperatures room warm and also the danger of rain is low.

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If over there is any one month that’s the ideal time come visit St. Maarten, the is April when rain averages 2 inches and also high temperatures reach 86 Fahrenheit. The worst time is September come November.

St. Maarten attracts around 2.5 million visitors every year, follow to the Caribbean tourism Organization. Out of the total, about 2 million arrive by cruise and the other fifty percent million continue to be for overnight vacations of approximately a mainly or more.

Here are an ext tips about the best and also worst times to go to St. Maarten.

The most popular times to visit room December with April.The least well-known months to visit room June, September and also October.The highest average temperatures operation from may through September.The biggest amount of rain usually falls in November, followed by September.The best months because that the shortest amount the rain room February, March and June. But June is the best month the the 3 for temperatures.

When is St. Maarten Hurricane Season?

The St. Maarten hurricane season officially goes indigenous June 1 come Nov. 30 prefer the rest of the Caribbean. However the island feel the impact in various ways.

Historically, the island experiences the most rain in November also though September and October space the most energetic months the the Caribbean hurricane season. In spite of heavy rain historically in November, hurricanes are more likely to hit or come near the island native August with October.

Hurricanes that in reality hit or come near the island space rare. Instead, passing hurricanes lug heavy rains and also winds. Dry storms are much more likely events.

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Monthly St. Maarten Weather and Tourism

The above chart reflects the variety of “stayover” tourism visitors to St. Maarten in a common year. Data source: Caribbean tourism Organization


St. Maarten weather in January will a low point for the year for temperatures. The typical high is 83 levels Fahrenheit or 28 levels Celsius. The average low is 74 Fahrenheit or 23 Celsius. Rainfall averages about three inches. Tourism reaches the 4th highest level the the year.


Temperatures in February increase by one degree while rainfall decreases to an typical of 2 inches. Rainfall get the lowest allude of the year. Full tourism rises slightly indigenous January.


March is among the finest times to visit St. Maarten. The average high temperature in March increase by one much more degree. Rainfall continues to be the exact same as February with about two customs historically. Tourism jumps come the highest allude of the year as schools go on spring break and also Caribbean cruises increase.


Temperatures rise again by one degree. Rainfall climbs contempt to 3 inches. Tourism takes a large drop. Based on weather and also smaller crowds, April may be among the ideal months to visit the island.


May is a short rainy season for countless islands in the Caribbean including St. Maarten. Total historical rainfall boosts to 4 inches. Typical high temperatures climb to 87 degrees Fahrenheit or about 31 Celsius. Travel drops to the fourth lowest month that the year.


June boosts over May, while tourism drops again to the third lowest month. Typical rainfall drops back to 2 inches if high temperatures rise one an ext degree. Choose April, June has actually one of the ideal combinations of average rain, temperatures and also tourism.


St. Maarten weather in July usually has temperatures reaching the highest suggest of the year in ~ 89 levels Fahrenheit or 32 Celsius. Rainfall rises to three inches. Tourism rises over June.


August proceeds to the very same high temperatures as July, according to historical averages. Rainfall boosts to 4 inches as the Caribbean hurricane season becomes much more active. Complete tourism declines slightly.


September rainfall climbs to the second highest of the year and also temperatures remain about the same as August. Travel plunges to the year’s shortest level as cruise present cut ago their schedule in an answer to the most energetic month that the hurricane season.


Temperatures decline by one degree in October, while rainfall drops to an mean of four inches. Tourism recovers slightly, yet it is tho the second lowest level that the year.


November tourism climbs ago to a level higher than might through August despite having the worst median rainfall of any kind of month at six inches total. Tourists begin to visit Caribbean archipelago again come escape the pull close winter.


Tourism jumps come the second highest month of the year. St. Maarten weather in December has an mean high temperature that 85 levels Fahrenheit or 29 degrees Celsius. Rainfall averages around four inches.

Most Popular and also Least popular Times come Go


December through April is a element time for east Caribbean cruises that often include the Philipsburg cruise harbor in St. Maarten as a popular destination.

Philipsburg has one that the ideal cruise harbor in the Caribbean because cruise visitors deserve to walk ideal off the docks and onto great Bay beach, onto the lengthy boardwalk or simply a few dozen yards in the shopping and also dining district along Front Street.

The island is the smallest in the human being controlled by 2 countries, France and also the Netherlands. Cruise and also hotel travellers usually continue to be on the dutch side and visit the French side for its distinctive culture, beaches such as Orient Bay and also excursions to surrounding other islands including Anguilla, Saba and also St. Barth. The plenty of outdoor attractions count on good weather.

Low Rainfall indigenous December v April

One factor for St. Maarten’s popularity with visitors from December with April is that those months have some of the lowest typical rainfall of the year, however temperatures additionally reach their low point.

Temperatures that reach into the low 80s Fahrenheit and high 20s Celsius sound attractive. But it is necessary to keep in mind that nighttime temperatures are cool sufficient to make water a little uncomfortable because that swimming, especially coupled through trade winds.

So travellers to St. Maarten in the winter and early feather should plan on land tasks while lowering their expectations for swimming. Climate again, they could get lucky.

Stay Away during September


By far, the least popular time to go is September, i beg your pardon is the most active month of the hurricane season because that the Caribbean. Historically, it’s the second worst month that the year for St. Maarten.

The Caribbean hurricane season officially starts on June 1 and ends Nov. 30, yet the an ar sees the many tropical cyclones (storms and hurricanes) throughout September and also October.

The an ar has averaged 12 named tropical storms a year with 6 of them farming into hurricanes, according to the U.S. Nationwide Hurricane Center. Few of them straight hit any kind of island such together St. Maarten since of the dimension of the Caribbean, however their impacts can it is in felt numerous miles away.

Even despite St. Maarten in addition to most various other Caribbean destinations has actually the lowest number of visitors in September, the island historically receives the most rainfall in November v an typical of six inches, according to the Meteorological service of Netherland Antilles and also Aruba.

September experiences an average of 5 inches the rain. An additional four inch on average drops in May, August, October and December.

Final Recommendations

The finest time to go to St. Maarten for travellers who like weather warm sufficient for swimming should think about going in June. The island in the history experiences just two inch of rain and an mean high temperature of 89 levels Fahrenheit.

Anyone who desires to obtain away from cold winter up north and also doesn’t mental if waters room a little cooler may consider going in March. The median high temperature is 84 degrees, and the median rainfall also is two inches.

February is the only other month the the year to mean two inches of rain, which provides it one more ideal time come go. The median high temperature is the lowest of the year in ~ 83 degrees. In spite of warm daytime temperatures, nighttime temperatures may make the ocean too cool for swimming for most people.

Finally, don’t go from September v November, which has actually the highest risk the rain for the year.

There is one exception. Caribbean storms and also hurricanes often tend to develop in the east Atlantic and move west toward the Caribbean end a seven to 10-day period.

Anyone that doesn’t mind a last-minute vacation deserve to see if the estimate looks great enough to take it a opportunity on going, specifically if lock can get a discounted hotel room and also airline ticket in ~ a reasonable price.

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Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled commonly throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. The is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.