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"Lost without You" is a track by brothers singer-songwriter Freya Ridings. It to be released together a digital download top top 3 November 2017 via Ridings" record label great Soldier documents as the 2nd single native Ridings" upcoming eponymous debut album (2019). The track was created by Ollie Green. The song was had as component of Ridings" debut EP, You average the civilization to Me, together the 2nd single indigenous the project. The song became Ridings" first charting single in July 2018, as soon as it debuted on the UK Singles Chart; at some point peaking at number ripe in October 2018. In February 2019, the track was certified Platinum by the brothers Phonographic market in recognition of achieve 600,000 graph sales in the UK. The track was provided in the second episode (Whose side are you on?) that the 6th season the American drama TV present Power throughout former AUSA Angela Valdez"s funeral. The song was additionally featured in Season 15 illustration 19 that Grey’s Anatomy. Kodi Lee extended the song in the critical round of competition in the 2019 season the America"s gained Talent, after i beg your pardon he was crowned the season"s winner.more »

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Standing on the platformWatching friend goIt"s prefer no various other painI"ve ever before knownTo love someone so muchTo have actually no controlYou said, "I wanna to see the world"And ns said, "Go"I think I"m lost without youI simply feel crushed without youI"ve been strong for for this reason longI never thought just how much I essential youI think I"m shed without youStrangers rushing pastJust do the efforts to gain homeBut you were the onlySafe haven that I"ve knownHits me at full speedFeel choose I can"t breatheAnd nobody knowsThis pain inside meMy human being is crumblingI need to never haveLet girlfriend goI think I"m lost without youI think I"m lost, lost, lostI think I"m shed without you, youI simply feel crushed there is no youI"ve been solid for for this reason longThat I never ever thought how much ns love youStanding on the platformWatching girlfriend goYou said, "I wanna to check out the world"And i said, "Go"

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Freya Ridings Freya rose Ridings (born 19 April 1994) is an English singer-songwriter.

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She is best known for her 2017 single "Lost without You", i m sorry peaked at number nine on the UK Singles Chart. Much more »