After the occasions on world Styx, you'll end up in area referred to as Gemity. This area is basically a repertoire of mini-games, head come the main plaza and also go either to the Northeast or Northwest transporter to access Runic Chess. If girlfriend forgot how to pat Runic Chess from her time in the ancient Ruins that Mosel, the rules room as follows:

Thief beats SymbologistSymbologist to win Warrior

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There are a full of 300 fight Trophies in the game, come unlock this trophy you require to acquire 240 of all of BT's: that's a little margin for error considering a good amount that the BT's can only be derived on Universe and also 4D difficulty. The being said, that is feasible to obtain all 240 BT's top top Galaxy mode, though it will certainly be difficult. You'll have to get every one of the story related/boss trophies and keep in mental the missable BT's like the Albel ceo Fights and also Norton Redux fight. This FAQ is a an excellent resource to aid you top top the specifics of every BT, below I will detail some points to store in mental while functioning on this trophy:

When the comes under to your key party, try to rod with only them for the duration of the game. Keeping personalities as low leveled as feasible helps afterwards for BT's wherein you need to level up consecutively 20 times or hit solo.Speaking the levels, in regards to the "Recover "X" amount of health" BT's make certain you keep Mirage and Roger at your initial level so the you can obtain these BT's easily. (Make spare saves if you need to)The 400 varieties of adversary BT might seem like a lot in ~ first, yet if you're constantly death every enemy you encounter and return to those areas later in the video game (the opponents in a lot of areas adjust after you finish the Styx area). You have the right to rack up plenty of of those BT's simply by playing through the main game. Additionally, you can additionally score a few more varieties by playing with the fight Arena. Assuming you retained skipping ahead every 4 ranks, girlfriend missed fairly a few enemy types by not fighting few of the groups in Ranking fight as well.

Luckily, a large majority that BT's are not missable, so when you gain all the missable BT's the end of the method you deserve to save the remainder of your grind for short article game. As soon as you have acquired 240 fight Trophies, the trophy will unlock. (Credit come Aerius because that the BT Guide)