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Trucking isn’t straightforward job, and also if there’s one show that showed that, it’s The background Channel’s Ice roadway Truckers. The featured talented truck driver celebs, such as Hugh Rowland, Alex Debogorski, Darrell Ward, and also Art Burke. If this is greatly a male-dominated industry, the reality TV show lugged on a number of women that broke the mold and also proved castle were simply as capable.

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Lisa Kelly to be the an initial female driver to join IRT, and we later on saw Maya Sieber come along. However, among the youngest women to it is in featured ~ above the display was Steph “Hammer Down” Custance. She was only 22 year old as soon as she first started during the 10th season. Her ceo at the time and also owner that Polar Industries, mark Kohaykewych, placed her on come the show with less than a year of suffer on the road, but Steph was prepared for the challenge of the arctic winter roads.

Remembering Steph Custance’s stint on IRT

Stephanie Custance skilled her very first frozen lake ice crossing in Alaska back in 2016 with competent driver Todd Dewey, who helped present her the ropes. That didn’t take her an extremely long to get a handle on the large rig, and also before us knew it, she was out on her very own putting the hammer down.

Driving with these winter roadways is no easy task, however Steph tackled herself fairly well considering her lack of experience. During the two years the she was televised, we experienced her gain into part sticky situations, handle hard cargo, but most importantly, she got the tasks done. There’s no denying that this girl is a natural behind the wheel.

Although she was just on the show for 2 seasons, she confirmed her an abilities rather quickly and also became a pan favorite. Stephanie is a solitary mother, so it wasn’t specifically easy to walk out and work in Canada and Alaska, yet it payment off rather well for the time she invested. As of 2021, her net worth is approximated to be right around $800,000, for this reason I’d to speak she made the appropriate career move.

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It’s always cool to see women, specifically this young, go the end and achieve what they are truly qualified of. Judging by her latest pics, you’ll still find Steph’s life today revolving around the semi trucks, and I think it’ll likely stay that way for many more years to come.