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"I Feel Good All Over" is a 1987 single by Stephanie Mills. The single was her second number one on the Hot Black Singles chart and also initially number one in 1987. The single spent 3 weeks at the peak spot. However before, the single did not make the Hot 100. In 1988 singer Patti Labelle admitted that she had actually been a offered opportunity at recording the song by the songwriters" Gabriel Hardeman and also Annette Hardeguy (that was a background singer for her at the time), yet passed believing that it wasn"t a "Patti" song. "When I heard Ms. Thing (Mills) sing it and everything was ideal, I shelp "Patti" and slapped myself... I blew that one."even more »

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Mmmm, hmmmmmmm.The night we metI regularly remember 2 strangers meeting for the extremely first timeNow below we are encountering each otherTwo lovers holding on to somepoint realSomething so meaningfulIf you wanna understand exactly how I feelI feel great (I feel good)Baby, I feel good all over (baby, I feel excellent all over)You and I had what others dream aboutWe lastly operated it outSay no moreYou expression mirrors itI watch a tiny sunshine inside of youJust to be with you, it"s so excitin"Who would have assumed it can occur to me, mmmmIt"s so key we"re in loveEven a tiny son have the right to seeI feel great (I feel good)Baby, I feel excellent almost everywhere (baby, I feel excellent all over)You and also I had actually what others dream aboutYou understand I"ve been many type of placesI"ve watched numerous facesThough I kbrand-new simply about whatever, everything tbelow is to knowYet you never (never) cease to amaze me(Cease to amaze me)The main reason I live is because you made me feel good(I feel good)Baby, I feel good anywhere (baby, I feel excellent all over)When I think around all the excellent points you carry out, you do to me, baby(I feel good)Ooh, oh, oh, oh (I feel good)Baby, I feel great all-all-all over(Baby, I feel excellent all over)The means you hold me and smile my way(I feel good)Ooh, I feel great (I feel good)You make me, you make me feel so good(Baby, I feel excellent all over)Yeeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel so goodOoh, ooh, yeah.I feel excellent (I feel good)Can"t you view I feel excellent all over(Can"t you view I feel great all over)I wanna let you know, yeah (let you know)(I"ll let you understand I love you so)I love you so, yeah (I feel good)Yes, I do (I feel good)Oh, baby. Oh, honey.

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Oh, sugar, I feel great all over(Can"t you check out I feel good all over)SweetSweet things you say to me (oh, yeah)Oh, oh, oh, I love it, love it.I feel excellent, oh yeah (I feel good)I feel great everywhere (Can"t you view I feel great all over)You and also I, we had actually what others dream aboutWe finally functioned it outMmmmmmmm, that I, that I feel good

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Stephanie Mills Stephanie Dorthea Mills (born March 22, 1957) is an Amerideserve to R&B and also soul singer, and also a former Broadway star. more »