False starts, brand-new beginnings and redemption stories. No every UFC card can case the type of simple narratives afforded through the veterans, ex-champions and also misfit toys of the sport. However UFC on Fox 13 can, and it goes down Saturday in Phoenix.

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Is it an amazing card? Nah. Are there large immediate title ramifications up and down the slate? more than likely not. However does it have actually some really amazing storylines? Yes. The is what it has.

At the peak of the card, former heavyweight champ junior dos Santos will shot to demonstrate that his year away from UFC vain (and 2 defeats to Cain Velasquez) space in the rearview mirror as soon as he deals with off v would-be challenger Stipe Miocic.

Other favorites and lightning rods? How about Nate Diaz, Alistair Overeem, Stefan Struve and also Joe Riggs? Oh, and don"t forget Ben Saunders, Jamie Varner, Joe Ellenberger and Henry Cejudo.

This card is packed with an individual drama. Possibly that"s something you"re interested in. If so, check out on for details capsules, predictions and viewing collaborates for each and every bout ~ above the UFC ~ above Fox 13 card.

Division: BantamweightRecords: Ian Entwhistle (8-2), Anthony Birchak (11-1)See the on: UFC Fight pass (subscription required)

Birchak has had actually a couple of setbacks lately. First, the 28-year-old prospect was set to kick off an intriguing UFC operation at a small event we referred to as UFC 177, versus an foe who walk by the name of Joe Soto. You know how that went.

Then, together if that wasn"t enough, the dude came residence from the non-fight to find his house robbed. No what you want in a weekend.

Here"s hope the former MFC champ gets to the cage this time due to the fact that he"s talented and also fun come watch. (Doubters should check that video clip of his excellent scrap v UFC vet Ryan Benoit.) The previous college wrestler is wild in all phases and has ripe stoppage wins come his name. 

Entwhistle, who is dropping come bantamweight because that this fight, is a video game competitor but mostly a grappling specialist. Top top his main UFC profile page, the lists the heel hook as his favorite grappling and striking technique. That"s pretty funny, because it"s true.

Prediction: Birchak, unanimous decision

Division: BantamweightRecords: Henry Cejudo (6-0), Dustin Kimura (11-2)See it on: UFC Fight pass (subscription required)

Cejudo has actually made a stupid of himself, the UFC and also his supporters, and also he"s done so more than once. A chronic inability to not just make weight however give the impression that cares around MMA has actually plagued his young career in the sport and also undermined his world-class talent.

Hopefully, a relocate up to bantamweight will permit the Olympic gold-medal wrestler to get earlier to organization inside the fence. The better, because that his sake. And also it won"t be a cakewalk against a good submission grappler in Kimura. If Kimura has actually struggled with inconsistency in the cage, I"ll take the over inconsistency outside of it. Until more notice, the benefit of the doubt is not on Cejudo"s side. Sound the uncomfortable alarms.

Prediction: Kimura, unanimous decision

Division: LightweightRecords: David Michaud (7-1), Garett Whiteley (7-2)See the on: UFC Fight happen (subscription required)

Elias who? If we"re walk to have a legit conversation around the finest hair in the UFC, we need to include David Michaud in the mix. Otherwise, ns shall be required not to recognize your decision. Don"t embarrass united state both in the fashion.

Aside indigenous the hair, i beg your pardon I debated in the previous paragraph, ns don"t check out this fight being overly memorable. Whiteley is a striker top top the precipice the his dreaded third straight loss. Michaud to reduce his Octagon debut to the immortal Jiangling Li. Michaud will obtain this fight come the mat and stay liven with submission attempts, which that won"t actually get however will hand him the W.

Prediction: Michaud, unanimous decision

Division: LightweightRecords: Joe Ellenberger (15-1), Bryan Barberena (9-2)See the on: Fox sports 1

Most hardcore fans are acquainted with Ellenberger"s fight with a rarely blood disease, and the countless false starts follow me the way to his UFC debut. 

When it ultimately happened in June, Joe (brother the UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger) recovered from very early near-knockout to ideal James Moontasri by separation decision. 

Joe isn"t as electric as his brother, relying more on wrestling 보다 a huge curtain-closing strike. But it"s working for him, as confirmed by his record.

Barberena, Ellenberger"s original opponent for that debut fight, likes to go in there and incite a brawl, throwing wild punches and knees and also pumping increase the crowd. Ellenberger is what you contact a trained professional and will either avoid Barberena"s last-call antics or merely smother castle in the canvas.

Prediction: Ellenberger, unanimous decision

Division: MiddleweightRecords: Derek Brunson (12-3), Ed Herman (22-10)See it on: Fox sporting activities 1

Ed "Short Fuse" Herman has been hard rock together a UFC journeyman because that nigh on ripe years now. In ~ 34 years old, he"s no feather chicken because that an athlete anymore. However just once you think Herman is out, he pulls you back in.

It wasn"t all that impressive as soon as he ground out a level Rafael Natal in ~ UFC struggle Night 40. He might not be able to pull off a 2nd straight upset when he steps in v Brunson, whose game is comparable to Herman"s—lots the clinching, many toughness, with straightforward but earnest striking—but better, thanks to a wrestling, size and also strength edge.

With respect to quick Fuse, this won"t it is in his day.

Prediction: Brunson, unanimous decision

Division: LightweightRecords: Jamie Varner (21-10-1), attracted Dober (14-6)See that on: Fox sporting activities 1

Varner shed the fight however won lot of of pan in May. Throughout a fight v James Krause, he damaged his fish eye in a bad method but soldiered on until the UFC wouldn"t let him soldier ~ above anymore.

A physician stopped the struggle after the first round, and also Varner was eventually diagnosed with a fracture and torn ligaments. For this reason it"s no small thing the he"s earlier in the cage seven months later. 

Dober to be game but unsuccessful in his an initial two bouts, basically serving together a demonstrate bag for Nick Hein previously this year. To be honest, it feels like the UFC is providing Varner, who has actually lost three straight and also four that five, a winnable fight. So fair enough—I"ll bite.

Decision: Varner, unanimous decision

Division: WelterweightRecords: Ben Saunders (17-6-2), Joe Riggs (40-14)See that on: Fox sporting activities 1

If you assumed Varner"s comeback to be impressive, you must see Joe Riggs. The hasn"t even been five months due to the fact that Riggs by chance shot self in the thigh and almost died.

His return provides for a comeback on optimal of a comeback; the critical time Riggs battled in the UFC, the year was 2006, and he shed by first-round knockout to Diego Sanchez.

And the doesn"t even finish there. Saunders has actually made a good career for self over the years v his aggressive, virtually reckless brand that muay thai. However his jiu-jitsu has improved markedly, as evidenced by the truth that that pulled turn off the UFC"s first omoplata entry in his go back to the promotion earlier this year after 4 years away.

The 6"3" Saunders will have a three-inch height advantage on Riggs and also knows exactly how to use every one of his ranginess to the hinderance of his opponents. Riggs is obviously tough, yet he won"t be able to get within on Killa B.

Prediction: Saunders, TKO, Rd. 2

Division: Women"s strawweightRecords: Claudia Gadelha (12-0), Joanna Jedrzejczyk (7-0)See that on: Fox sporting activities 1

Gadelha opted out of The ultimate Fighter 20. If she hadn"t, it could have made for some exciting TV, because she has a little rivalry with a details Carla Esparza, who is just the top-rated fighter in the cast.

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And Gadelha can earlier it up. Among the very first two ladies to hit in the Octagon in ~ strawweight, she trains v Nova Uniao and also is formidable in every phase. 

Jedrzejczyk, for whom eight of the 11 letter in she name are consonants, has actually impressed in her own right. However this need to be Gadelha"s day together she moves toward a title confrontation she has actually earned.