Summer Melon Mania – gain the Scoop!

It’s official melon season! We’ve been working with growers throughout the country and around the world to lug the finest quality and selection to ours stores, including 10 unique melons girlfriend won’t uncover just anywhere.

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How to choose the Perfect Melon

Avoid melons that have bruises, crack or soft spots.Note the melon’s weight. The more heavier the melon, the juicier the fruit!The sleep knows, so take a sniff. A fragrant melon is a great melon! Note: Netted arrays will have actually an aroma, if smooth melons won’t.Give the melon a little tap through the palm of her hand. If it sounds hollow, it’s ripe and ready to eat!Keep your melons at room temperature till cutting (they must last around 3 days).

From Casaba to sugar Kiss, Crenshaw to Canary, we love celebrating melons of every stripe. Learn an ext about this sweet summer treats, in addition to some of our favorite means to serve them.


Sugar Kiss stays up come its name, through extraordinary sweetness in every bite. This melons have a netted rind and a pale orange flesh it is so soft and creamy, it nearly melts in your mouth.

How come Eat: for a spicy-sweet snack, slice and also squeeze new lime juice overtop and also drizzle with hot honey or sprinkle with Aleppo pepper.


Oblong in form with a shining yellow rind, Casaba Melons space sweet through a creamy, yellow-white flesh. Your flavor is mild and mellow, memory of cucumbers.

How come Eat: Dice and also mix into salsa with cilantro, mint, jalapeño, red onion, avocado and also a generous amount the lime


With a rich, creamy texture and also just the best amount of sweetness, Summer Kiss Melons have a subtle flavor and distinctive color.

How to Eat: Blend v coconut milk, lime juice, light rum and also ice for a refresh drink the tastes prefer a day at the beach!


These gold melons space sweet and velvety v a floral aroma. They also have a tiny seed cavity, which way more fruit! Look because that a slight opened at the blossom finish to detect as soon as they’re ripe.

How come Eat: we love blending this melons into margaritas.


These vibrant melons differ in shape, native oval to oblong. Firm and crisp prefer pears, Canary Melons have actually a vulnerable sweetness and also slight tangy flavor, v notes that pineapple and banana.

How to Eat: Blend into a gazpacho with cucumber, basil and freshly soil pepper.

Perfect for warm summer days, these one-of-a-kind melons room sweet, tart and bursting with refreshing lemonade flavor! Cube or slice and enjoy as a snack or include to fruit salads for a bright burst of citrusy goodness.

Also known as Christmas melons or piel de sapo (toadskin), Santa Claus melons resemble tiny watermelons with their green and gold-to-bright-yellow stripes (the brighter the yellow, the riper the melon). Inside, the flesh is pale green, mild and mellow—similar come honeydew, however slightly much less sweet.

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Mix Up her Melon

We love how versatile melons can be. Of course, castle delicious eaten out that hand, but have you ever before tried mix cantaloupe into super-refreshing agua fresca, or mix melon v cucumbers? this recipes are perfect for summer and are a delicious means to showcase a selection of melons.