Through the Jet Stream"s Power Star can be tricky to get for new Super Mario 64 players, so here"s everything needed to beat this mission.

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Mario 64 Jolly Roger Bay
There are a lot of different missions and Power Stars to collect in Super Mario 64. While some of them are simpler missions with clear goals and steps to complete, some are a lot more difficult to figure out for first-time players.

One course in Super Mario 64 that might prove to be a challenge for newcomers is Jolly Roger Bay. While it can be accessed early in the game, some of the Power Stars require players to either think outside the box or use a special power-up.

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A prime example of a tricky star to get in Jolly Roger Bay is the mission "Through the Jet Stream." While it seems easy to grab at the bottom of the bay, the aforementioned jet stream creates a current too strong to get through normally.

Through the Jet Stream is the last mission that players need to beat in Jolly Roger Bay if they haven"t already gotten the 100 Coin Star. In order to beat it, players will first need to unlock the Metal Cap power-up. This will turn Mario into Metal Mario, which will allow him to breathe underwater and become much heavier.

After the Metal Cap is unlocked and players have access to green boxes, one will become available in Jolly Roger Bay. To find it, players will need to travel along the right-most wall upon entering the level. The green block will be right by a purple floor switch on a rocky platform.

Once players hit the block and grab the Metal Cap, they will only have 20 seconds before the cap"s effect wears off like with other power-ups in Mario 64. Players will need to immediately jump into the water near the upper left section of the ship"s bow, and Mario will begin to sink immediately.

As players are falling, they will need to aim their descent for the star within the jet stream at the bottom of the bay. They will need to grab it while the power-up is still in effect, or else they will be pushed away by the stream and need to try again. The metal cap will be available again from the same green block, so players can try as many times as they need.

After getting this Power Star, players will have every mission in Jolly Roger Bay completed, and are therefore one step closer to getting every single Power Star in Super Mario 64.

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Super Mario 64 is now available as part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.