When will be Swamp People: Blood and also Guts following episode wait date? Is Swamp People: Blood and Guts fix up or cancelled? where to countdown Swamp People: Blood and also Guts air dates? Is Swamp People: Blood and also Guts precious watching?

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Troy promotes chase to captain of his own boat; Daniel Edgar calls in his son to assist fill tags; RJ and also Jay Paul hunting on separate boats for the an initial time ever; enhanced.

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Chase fails to present up for his second day together captain; floods open up up brand-new territory because that Frenchie and also Gee; valley Guist deals with some unwelcome guests; enhanced.

After a rocky start, chase tries come redeem himself and get back into his father"s good graces; Daniel to adjust a catch quota for his family; Jay Paul and Tommy jump a levee to tap new territory; will breaks down alone in the heat; enhanced.

A vampire alligator terrorizes Troy"s searching grounds; RJ hunts v his brothers for the very first time due to the fact that they were teenagers; Willie battles to acquire his season top top track; Bruce, Ron and also Gunner head into uncharted territory; enhanced.

Troy lays down a bet versus Chase and also Holden; Daniel"s bragging put on Dwaine down; Gunner causes trouble because that Bruce; Gee takes fee on Frenchy"s boat; enhanced.

Chase go after the biggest alligator he"s ever seen; Daniel gets under Dwaine"s skin; Kristi gets rid of invading alligators off her homestead; Frenchy"s job doesn"t go together planned; enhanced.

Dwaine access time a break point; Willie realizes he"s shedding money; Kristi hunts v her son; glen fulfills a lifelong dream; enhanced.

Troy counts on a Landry lucky charm, while Chase and also Holden do their own luck; Jay Paul and also Tommy seek an escape artist named Houdini; Kristi war invading alligators on she land; Willie wrestles with poachers; enhanced.

Daniel and also Dwaine shot to make amends; RJ and also Jay Paul walk head to head; Jacob provides Troy a difficult time; glenn must discover a method to repay a friend; enhanced.

Bruce gets an alert that his the person who lives is closeup of the door early; Troy issues a mandate to record only huge alligators; Joey and Dorien get stranded; Frenchy and also Gee take on a second job to do extra cash; enhanced.

Chase gets a taste the his own medicine; Daniel unveils a secret honey hole; Frenchy and Gee fight a cannibal; valley starts a new business; enhanced.

On the last day the the season, Troy"s future together an alligator hunter is ~ above the line; the Edgars have an ext tags to to fill on the critical day than ever before; RJ gives Jay Paul the can be fried captain"s test; enhanced.

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