859827154Asexual ReproductionOnly one cabinet (parent cell) compelled to reproduce, accomplished by cell division.

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859827155Sexual ReproductionTwo cells (2 parent cells) required. Will certainly not be genetically identical.2
8598271561. Arbitrarily Fertilization2. Independent Orientation3. Cross OverWhat space the 3 ways in which hereditary diversity will be accomplished within a population?3
859827157Asexual reproductionWhat kind of reproduction takes ar when a plant"s arm drops off and also buds in a various area to make a brand-new plant?4
859827158MeiosisHuman gametes are produced by _____.5
85982715923Normal human gametes carry _____ chromosomes6
859827160Meiosis I and Meiosis IIWhich of phases (are) haploid?7
85982716116A diploid organism whose somatic (nonsex) cells every contain 32 chromosomes to produce gametes containing _____ chromosomes8
8598271622; haploidMeiosis i produces _____ cells, every of which is _____.9
8598271634; haploidMeiosis II frequently produces _____ cells, every of i m sorry is _____.10
859827164anaphase IIDuring _____ sister chromatids separate.11
859827165Telophase IAt the end of _____ and also cytokinesis, haploid cell contain chromosomes the each consists of two sister chromatids.12
859827166Prophase ISynapsis occurs during _____.13
859827167synapsisDuring prophase I, replicated homologs pair up and also held together. Castle are organized in what form?14
859827168Anaphase IHomologous chromosomes migrate to the contrary poles throughout _____.15
859827169Metaphase IIDuring _____ chromosomes align single record along the equator of a haploid cell.16
859827170Telophase IIAt the end of _____ and also cytokinesis there are 4 haploid cells.17
859827171Prophase IIDuring _____ a spindle creates in a haploid cell.18
85982717244 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomesWhat number and species of chromosomes are found in a person somatic cell?19
859827173SynapsisWhich the the following occurs throughout meiosis however not throughout mitosis?20
8598271742 diploid cell ... 4 haploid cellsMitosis results in the development of how many cells; meiosis outcomes in the development of how many cells?21
859827175The exchange that DNA portions in between non-sister chromatids in a homologous pairWhat is cross over?22
859827176SpermA person cell comprise 22 autosomes and a Y chromosome is23
859827177Sister chromatids separate throughout anaphaseMeiosis II is comparable to mitosis in that24
859844054Sexual reproductionWhat type of reproduction takes place when a mother and father gamete come together?25
859844055FertilizationThe union that gametes i beg your pardon produces a zygote happens in what process (2n)?26
859844056MeiosisA cell department process the will create gametes (1n)?27
859844057The sexual Life CycleThis procedure alternates between cells that room 2n and 1n. What is the called?28
859844058SynapsisThe state whereby paired homologous chromosomes end up being physically associated to each other along their size by a zipper-like protein structure.29
859844059Synaptonemal ComplexWhat is the zipper-like framework that physically bag homologous chromosomes together?30
859844060TetradThe bundle the 4 chromatids which might participate in crossing over is referred to as what?31
859870992ChiasmataThe X shaped areas where a crossing over has actually occurred32
859870993Crossing overA hereditary rearrangement in between non-sister chromatids entailing the exchange of corresponding segments the DNA molecules. "Gene swapping"33
859870994Law or rule of independent AssortmentThis regulation states that the arbitrarily alignment of one pair the homologous chromosomes is live independence of the arbitrarily alignment that a 2nd pair.34
859870995Prophase IWhat stage does crossing over take place, gene swapping?35
859870996Telophase IThis is the second department of Meiosis36
859870997Reduction DivisionThis is the first department of Meiosis37
859870998ClonesGenetically the same organisms38
859870999Anaphase IThe certain stage whereby sister chromatids room pulled apart and move to opposite poles39
859871000Telophase IThis meiotic department results in cells the go from 2n to 1n.40
859871001Metaphase IThe details phase in which the chromosomes line up in a single record at the equator41
859871002Metaphase IIThe certain phase in which chromosomes line up ar the equator in Homologous pairs.42
859871003Metaphase IIThe hereditary rearrangement and also exchange that DNA between non-sister chromatids. "Gene swapping." no identical43
859871004Law or rule of SegregationLaw states that paired homologous chromosomes will relocate to the contrary poles and end up in different cells.

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859871005Metaphase IWhich phase does the law of live independence Assortment take place in?45
859871006Anaphase IWhich step does the law of Segregation happen in?46
859871007Telophase IIThis meiotic division results in cells that start out together 1n and also produce cell that space 1n.47
8598710081. Fertilization2. Legislation or principle of elevation Assortment3. Cross OverWhich 3 processes contribute to the genetic selection in a population?48
859872533Locus(i)The details location of a gene top top a chromosome49
859872534Maternal SetThe chromosomes that were inherited indigenous a mother50
859872535Paternal SetThe chromosomes the were inherited from a father51
859872536DiploidHaving 2 to adjust of chromosomes52
859872537HaploidHaving 1 collection of chromosomes53
859872538AutosomesNon-sex chromosomes that determine sex. (y and also x)54
859872539KarotypeA screen if every pair that homologous chromosomes withing a cell, orgaized according to size and shape55
859872540MaleSex chromosome Y. Male or female?56
859872541FemaleSex chromosome X, masculine or female?57
859872542CircularProkaryotic chromosome, direct or circular?58
859872543LinearEukaryotic chromosome, linear or circular?59
859879454Multicellular haploidWhich life cycle phase is discovered in plants however not animals?a. Gameteb. Zygotec. Multicell diploidd. Multicell haploide. Unicellular diploid60
859879455Meiosis IHomologous chromosomes relocate toward the opposite poles that a separating cell throughout what?61
859879456Sister chromatids separate throughout anaphaseHow is mitosis and meiosis II similar?62
8598794572xIf the DNA contents of a diploid cabinet in the G1 step of the cell cycle is x, climate the DNA contents of the same cell at metaphase that meiosis I would certainly be what?a. 0.25xb. 0.5xc. Xd. 2xe. 4x63
859879458xIf we continued to monitor the cell family tree from vault question, the the DNA contents of a solitary cell in ~ metaphase that meiosis II would be what?64
85987945916How many different combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes have the right to be packaged in gametes made by one organism with a diploid number of 8(2n=8)?a. 2b. 4c. 8d. 16e. 3265