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Jason native Hampton VirginiaDisgusting song. He will certainly love her till they\"re 70...until she\"s old, offered up, and unlikely to be able to move ~ above if she even wants to while that can always find a girl in she 20s in search of a rich silver fox to have actually fun with. Never put one expiration date on love...Christina Rao native TexaaAbsolutely the finest love track ever!!! Love girlfriend JCM!Hannah from NopePHANtastic.Triauna from MarylandI love this song.see an ext comments
fall SlowlyGlen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova starred in the movie Once, i beg your pardon featured their track \"Falling Slowly.\" Bob Dylan chosen the song and also movie so much he provided them an opened slot on his tour.

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The Night Chicago DiedPaper Lace

\"The Night Chicago Died\" was written and recorded by the brother group document Lace. They talk around Al Capone in the song, yet got a many details dorn - understandable since they wrote it based upon gangster movies.

Strawberry Letter 23The brothers Johnson

\"Strawberry Letter 23\" by The brothers Johnson was written by Shuggie Otis, whose girlfriend would send the letters composed on strawberry scented paper.

islands in the StreamKenny Rogers and also Dolly Parton

\"Islands in the Stream\" was originally written by The bee Gees together an R&B song. The was originally written through the brothers for Marvin Gaye, but it to be recorded rather as a duet through Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton through the Gibb Brothers additionally contributing vocals.

bad RomanceLady Gaga

The French component in Lady Gaga\"s \"Bad Romance\" converts to: \"I want your love and also I desire your revenge.\"

hip To be SquareHuey Lewis & the News

Members the the mountain Francisco 49ers, including Dwight Clark, Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott, sang backup on \"Hip to be Square\" by Huey Lewis and also the News.

Oliver LeiberSongwriter Interviews

Long before she to be judging contestants top top American Idol, Oliver was creating Paula Abdul. Here\"s how he aided turn this unknown choreographer into a star.

kris TomlinSongwriter Interviews

The king that Christian praise music defines talks about writing songs for troubled times.

Cy Curnin the The FixxSongwriter Interviews

The man who lugged us \"Red Skies\" and \"Saved by Zero\" is now an necessary farmer in France.

Eric ClaptonFact or Fiction

Did Eric Clapton really write \"Cocaine\" when on cocaine? This inquiry and an ext in the Clapton version of fact or Fiction.

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U2Fact or Fiction

How did The Edge get his name? walk they surname a tune after a Tolkien book? and also who is \"Angel that Harlem\" about?

let Me Be her Teddy Bear: Teddy Bears and Teddy guys in SongsSong composing

Elvis, small Richard and Cheryl Cole have actually all sung around Teddy Bears, however there is additionally a terrifying Teddy tune from 1932 and also a poignant trucker Teddy tune from 1976.