Hey all! I simply started playing Vesperia because that the an initial time! (woo!) go anyone have any type of side searches that they yes, really recommend?

The only other tales video game I have actually played all the way through is story of the Abyss. For that one I only did a few side quests mainly related to some items and also costumes as well as the one to acquire Nebilim. Oh! and also the Nam Cobanda Isle one i think. It's been awhile since I to win the ps2 version and also for the 3ds variation I select to do only 1 or 2 side quests so I'm not sure which ones i did. Because that Abyss, ns did research before I started to choose out next quests however I haven't done that for Vesperia yet!

So, if everyone has any that castle think space absolutely vital for Vesperia I would love to know!


This has actually been the solitary best/most complete guide since the OG variation This overview is greatly spoiler free, only menions generic points to referral at which suggest they becomes active.

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This video game is full of missable sidequest (most of them are), and also many the them are convoluted to the suggest that you have to wait huge chunks that the game to even advancement the sidequest (at which allude you will have likely forgotten entirely if not actively seeking lock out). The best outfits in the video game are locked behind conveniently missable sidequest.

Thank you! This is for this reason helpful!! simply scrolling with looks favor I’ve currently started a couple of and didn’t also know it. I’ve to be pretty thorough talking to people in town so far.

be aware, vesperia is notoriously crazy through its ultra strict and somewhat obtuse side pursuit windows, honestly, uneven you are adhering to a guide the whole way you'll miss a ton that stuff, i'd recommend just playing normally, and also trying to do a completionist run on ng+ wherein you won't damage the pacing because that yourself. (also one side-quest *getting every ultimate tools adds a 3rd phase to the last boss and also its a nightmare* will make your life much MUCH more difficult if you perform it so...that one in details is finest saved for ng+)

Thank you! i think I’ve decided to do it greatly normal. I really favor the outfits so ns going to perform those a least. Also turns out I began the battle each other side quest and I didn’t even know so I’ll save that one going together well! I’ll have to do a complete run through one day!

I did all of them, as they are all forced for the platinum for this reason i would certainly personally introduce doing them every since virtually all are missable. If girlfriend don't want to do them all/don't care about trophies, i guess the costume ones like Yuri's True Knight, the Dark Enforcer etc. Here's a perform of every the costumes and also how to gain them: https://www.rpgsite.net/feature/8166-tales-of-vesperia-costume-and-title-guide-every-single-title-available-in-the-definitive-edition. There's a few from the mini games like the waitress ones and also snowboarding too. Don't miss acquiring the collectors and also monsters book either.

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Others room the Fel arms, Gigantos, Wonder chief for every the recipes, Cow son for a weapon, and the quests for the ideal non-fel arms tools for each character favor Brionc sidequest because that judith and Drake SQ because that Estelle's since it's harder to obtain kills with them.