Is over there a method to get party members to execute their mystic artes without manually switching to them? I desire to burst under a boss v mystic artes and also I'm trying to number out a far better way to carry out that.

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Sometimes rather of utilizing a mystic arte, the banish blast gets provided instead. Is over there a trick to get more consistency? Activate a banish blast once I desire that and also activate a mystic arte as soon as I desire that.


1- collection their Blast usage to "You Decide" or "For Attacking".

You can also chain Mystic Arte with among the battle Actions, "Friend Link" iirc. But to gain this, you need to like, check out all the monoliths.


2- hold Circle first then push R2? MA take away priority over Blast, so unless you didn't press circle as soon as pressing R2, climate you need to be act MA consistently.

Or you can just turn off Banish Blast in the battle act if girlfriend don't really use it much.

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Mystic Arte needs the enemy to it is in staggered come proc, so sometimes you might be making use of Blast instead since the opponent just so happen to be the end of stagger state. Happens to me as soon as in a while. Finest to use MA once the adversary is stunned because that extra reliability and damage boost.


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Created Dec 24, 2011


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