If she here, the opportunities are you are considering investing in the Tempur Pedic luxe Breeze mattress. Favor me, you might be a major sufferer from sleeping hot…Tempur Pedic is fantastic brand the kick-started the whole memory foam phenomenon in the 1990s, however their bed aren’t because that everybody.

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Tempur luxe Breeze is a full memory foam mattress do of high-quality thick foam class that provide necessary comfort and hug typical for a storage foam.

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Tempur Pedic is a premium brand it is a cut above the bed-in-a-box mattress service providers that have actually propped up everywhere. They supplied to just sell their beds with in-store retailers, however they have recorded up through the online market, offering free delivery and also a 90-day risk-free trial

Kaye and I have been reviewing beds because 2015 and have owned among the previously Tempur Pedic beds.

We desire to note, though, that we did NOT obtain or purchase the LUXEbreeze because that this review as it is very expensive. We relied ~ above in-store visits for our evaluation, much as if you got in the store and tried one yourself.  

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Is the Tempur Pedic Mattress appropriate for You?

Buy the Tempur Pedic Mattress if you like:

The feel of the memory foam – If you favor the soft feel of full memory foam mattresses, climate the new Tempur-Pedic luxury Breeze might be the right selection for you. The is an all foam mattress, do of the high-quality dense foam layers that provide necessary comfort and also hug typical for memory foam.Soft mattresses – The luxury Breeze a an extremely soft all foam mattress. Its optimal comfort layers provide enough cushioning and they perfectly mold to her body.Sharing her bed – storage foam is known for bring about minimal or no activity transfer in ~ all, and also the luxury Breeze does a good job at isolating excessive motion transfer as well due come its dense memory foam layers. Therefore, if you arrangement on sharing your bed with a partner, this mattress may be ideal for you. You can change your place or acquire in and also out the bed during the night easily without disturbing your beloved one.

You can not choose this Mattress if:

You like the emotion of sleeping on top of a mattress – The Tempur Pedic is a memory foam mattress that will allow your body to sink right into it fairly a little bit for push relief and if you prefer the feeling of sleeping on optimal of a mattress rather than inside it, climate this mattress may not be the right pick for you.You don’t choose the feeling of memory foam – gift made entirely of storage foam, this mattress offers that standard memory foam feeling of hugging and also contour and also if friend don’t favor this, then the Tempur Pedic might not be the right an option for you.

Bed Construction and also Materials

So this is the problem we discovered with Tempur Pedic. Castle don’t re-publishing a the majority of information about their modern technology with anyone, as they think about it proprietary information, so that is difficult to uncover out specifically what their products are make of or the densities the the layers, etc..

This is one all-foam mattress by design, together they eschew different or fix up mattress layers and tend come stick with their proven designs. They have come out with some brand-new hybrid mattresses lately, however for the most component their memory foam mattresses stick to all-foam construction.

The Tempur Pedic luxe Breeze is a 13″ thick mattress constructed of the following layers:


Tempur-Pedic luxe Breeze mattress layers

PureCool+ Phase readjust Top Layer: This is their new comfort layer that consists of exclusive an innovation designed come wick warm away native the human body and carry out a cooling layer. All storage foam, no gel materials or anything, and not a lot of public info on specifically what the Breeze consists of.TEMPUR-CM+ Layer: This is their support layer, made of the progressed TEMPUR material which enables maximum airflow and works through the top layer to dissipate heat for all-night cooling lull and provide overall sleep support.The foundation Layer: This layer is do of the Ventilated TEMPUR-APR material which is known to be one of the most pressure relieving products ever and now it also comes with an ultra breathable design. The serves together the core structure of this mattress and provides overall support and base because that the mattress.

The covering of the Tempur Pedic luxe Breeze comes through a SmartClimate double Cover System. It is an advanced zip-off sheathe with double the cool-to-touch strength that cool and also pleasant come the touch and that will additionally make you feel cooler as soon as you lie down.


Tempur luxury Breeze – thickness

Firmness & Support

The Tempur Pedic luxe Breeze is actually fairly soft compared to numerous of their models.

The Breeze layer and also TEMPUR CM+ great are fairly soft, and I would location them around a 4-5 ~ above a 10-point scale (10 being the firmest). When you lay on the mattress, friend sink into it quite a bit, especially if you room heavier prefer myself.

The brand-new Luxe Breeze models offer both Soft and also Firm models, which is a leave from the past, once the luxe Breeze was known for being your softest model.

In this review we largely evaluate the Soft version, yet the attributes are normally the exact same for both firmness options – they just vary by the density of the foam which provides for the softer or firmer feel.


Tempur luxe Breeze – corner view

They do recommend a 2-3 mainly “break-in” duration for your body to acclimate to the mattress, i beg your pardon is quite different than countless other storage foam mattresses which pretty lot are just how they will certainly be once you lay on them.

This is regularly a complaint around this mattress, as at first it may seem hard, then with time you readjust to it.

Comfort on a Tempur Pedic luxury Breeze

The Tempur Pedic luxe Breeze is really soft and also cushy contrasted to their various other models. That is, however, a Tempur Pedic, so the doesn’t have any type of springy latex layers, gel layers, tufted cover, or anything that current memory foam entrants have actually which we review on this website that contend much more affordably against Tempur Pedic.

The top layer is soft and also you carry out sink right into it top top laying ~ above the mattress, yet as stated, that doesn’t have any special an innovation that offers its comfort contrasted to some other completing model. 

the is very comfortable, however, once your body molds into the foam, it’s is known to usage high quality, heavy foam which conforms and also adapts to your body fairly well.

The lack of unique mattress technology, gel foams, copper, therefore on and so forth really isn’t needed, together their quality materials handle whatever it needs to.

There’s a reason this is the leader in the memory foam industry, and also its because they have actually really high quality commodities that are quite comfortable.

The covering is a thin cotton cover which all Tempur Pedic’s share, therefore you feel the memory foam instantly. Over there is no quilted cover or special top to the bed but that allows you to feeling the foam and your human body to reaction to it instantly which is good.


Tempur luxe Breeze – comfort and also pressure relief

Sleeping warm on a luxe Breeze

They provided to be known for sleeping hot. The early on models would be warm in the summer, and hard and also cold in the winter. The ones we have actually used and slept on were no different.

The agency has presented their one-of-a-kind cooling modern technology to deal with this, which is a an essential feature in the Tempur Pedic luxury Breeze design which to a degree isn’t bad, however really is just much more layers of memory foam designed come wick heat away.

See information in the image below:

These technologies are equally as reliable as some of the newer warmth regulating modern technology that mattress upstarts space introducing including the usage of copper, gel cooling great or latex.

Their brand-new cooling technology does save the mattress much cooler 보다 previous generations of Tempur Pedic models because that sure.

Sinkage and also Motion carry on a Tempur Pedic luxe Breeze

Tempur Pedics are well-known for having an extremely minimal motion transfer, as result of the high quality dense foam used. The sinkage was a small pronounced together it is your softest mattress being that it is the Tempur Pedic luxury Breeze Soft model

When i sat under on it, that compressed quite a little – approximately 5-6 inches, which is significant. I carry out weigh roughly 230 lbs, however, and also when Kaye laid down on the the sinkage was much lower.

Again, this is the softest version they offer, for this reason this is to it is in expected. That did not, however, reason me to sink down so much that ns “bottomed out” like countless of the cheaper, thinner 10″ bed in a box kind mattresses, i m sorry is certainly a plus.

The quality foams provided by far prevent this i beg your pardon is why they cost a lot much more than plenty of online models.

The firmer version of the luxe Breeze avoids this, however, and also is among the reasons the firm introduced many firmness alternatives besides the super Soft model.

Motion transport was minimal when we both to adjust on the bed. We can not feel each other when turning over next to side, i beg your pardon is a side result of their thick foam and also multiple layers.

High marks because that this from this brand, and something the we supposed from this height of the heat mattress.

Smell / Off-Gassing of a Tempur luxe Breeze

Off-gassing to our understanding was minimal v the current models, but in the past, when we purchased Tempur Pedics, there to be a far-ranging chemical smell.

They seemed to have addressed this v the present models, and with their delivery of a mattress that is uncompressed, they appeared to have solved this issue. Something that absolutely was corrected and also the fact that castle don’t display up in a box makes a big difference.

All in all, compared to plenty of of the Bed in a Box digital mattresses that ship compressed and also have an odor upon opening, this mattress doesn’t have significant off-gassing or smell.


Customer Service

Historically, this mattress has sold through major mattress retailers exclusively, therefore you were at the mercy of the mattress retailer’s client service. This helped them not need to deal straight with the customer, together you had actually to resolve the mattress retailer themselves.

Lately, however, they have moved to an online design to contend with the numerous online mattress retailers, and also this has come together with reduced pricing (they are regularly doing far-reaching promotions that mattresses marketed online to compete with various other online suppliers -and you can save ~ above Tempur Pedic by clicking here and also ordering online) i m sorry is a huge difference for the company.

You do acquire a 90 job tryout, 10 year warranty, and also in-home shipment guaranteed by Tempur Pedic.

Tempur Pedic Price

So this is the biggie. Tempur Pedics are EXPENSIVE. A queen luxe Breeze retails roughly $4999 (depending ~ above the model) vs. $1000 for plenty of of the brand-new or virtual mattresses i beg your pardon have comparable technology.

However, if you have the money, and want the ideal – then by all way go through Tempur Pedic. They are well developed from high quality materials and also did start the storage foam mattress industry.

As you have the right to see in the price table below, the luxe Breeze break-up king mattress retails for $8998!!


Twin Long$3999
Split King$7998
California King$5199
Split California King$7998

(Note – their site transforms a LOT for this reason some provides or specials girlfriend may have to dig around to find…)

As mentioned, the agency tends to change what models are on sale, for this reason those save aren’t constantly representative the what is right now being offered.

If you are interested in close-out / critical year’s models, try to save yourself up to 30% by capturing one of your closeout sales – more information found here.

Summary the the luxury Breeze

While we acknowledge their place in the industry, and also its founder condition as the king that the storage foam mattress, the price compared to hungry upstarts and also direct-to-consumer eCommerce retailers has weakened their position in our opinion to a level lately.

In the past, when they to be pretty much the only or best selection for memory foam mattresses, they merely were the only equine in the show.

Now, however, new entrants that room under $1000 room really taking a operation at Tempur Pedic and also saving a lot through the direct-to-consumer model, conserving a lot because that the consumer by cutting the end the store circulation model.

Many of these brand-new mattress companies have as an excellent quality and also materials if no in part cases better with liberal sleep trials (Nectar supplies 365 nights), an excellent warranties, and also delivered to her door through minimal hassle.

But it is difficult to beat the king the the storage foam mattress especially when castle run several of their heavily discounts online.

The high thickness foam, direct-delivery model, and now diminished sale prices online, makes this much an ext affordable model for what you acquire – and also the Tempur Cloud luxury Breeze definitely delivers for what you get.

For diminished motion transfer, a soft, comfortable bed, and one that provides you the highest quality ~ above the sector from the original innovators, it is hard to argue with not picking this mattress.

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If you desire the best, and have the money – climate by all means go v a Tempur Pedic bed. They are an extremely well built and use high quality materials, simply may not be the finest value contrasted to what you can purchase online. Yet you do gain what you salary for, and also they really are worth the money if you have actually it come spend!

Hopefully this review of the TempurPedic luxury Breeze helps you in your next purchase the a new memory foam mattress!