brief Description 1 Excel indict 3 1. (1.0 point) i beg your pardon of the adhering to is a statistics function? a. INT b. Edge c. Round d. Average 2... summary

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Excel indict 3 1. (1.0 point) which of the adhering to is a statistical function? a. INT b. Rand c. Ring d. Average 2. (1.0 point) i m sorry of the following is a math & Trig function? ____ a. INT b. Counting c. MIN d. Median 3. (1.0 point) Every role has to monitor ____. A. A formula b. Direction c. Syntax d. A format 4. (1.0 point) In the following formula: =IF(A1="YES", "DONE", "RESTART"), what wake up if A1= “NO”? a. The formula returns the message “RESTART”. B. The formula return the text “DONE”. C. The formula returns the text “NO”. D. The formula returns the text “NO, RESTART”. 5. (1.0 point) i beg your pardon of the following is not a day function? ____ a. Year b. Now c. And also d. This particular day 6. (1.0 point) The quantity of money being loaned is known as the ____. A. Mortgage b. Major c. Loan lot d. Proposed principal 7. (1.0 point) when you copy a formula that includes an absolute reference to a new location, the referral ____. A. Is updated immediately b. Walk not change c. Becomes bold d. Has a dotted overview in its cabinet 8. (1.0 point) The ____ is most often used v data that has actually only a few possible values. A. Setting b. Mean c. Middle d. Amount 9. (1.0 point) ____ disagreements may provide much more control over the went back value. A. Family member b. Compelled c. Optional d. Absolute 10. (1.0 point) If one optional dispute is not included, Excel presume a(n) ____ value for it. A. Default b. Share c. Revolution d. Absolute 11. (1.0 point) once you swarm functions, girlfriend should have actually ____. A. The equal authorize b. The same number of left and right bracket c. At the very least two features d. The correct number of brackets 12. (1.0 point) Optional debates are in ____ type. A. Interlocutor b. Italic c. Common d. Red 13. (1.0 point) Which role is supplied to adjust 3,162.50 to 3,163? ____ a. Edge b. Ring c. Drop d. ROUNDUP 14. (1.0 point) most Recently used is a ____. A. Team on the Formula tab ~ above the Ribbon b. Category in the Insert duty dialog crate c. Group in the duty Arguments dialog box d. Command on the Office button menu 15. (1.0 point) making use of AutoFill is ____ than copying and also pasting. A. Slower b. Quicker c. Much safer d. Riskier 16. (1.0 point) Blue, Accent1, irradiate 60% is an instance of cell ____. A. Dimension b. Formatting c. Border color d. Height 17. (1.0 point) utilizing AutoFill, what would be the extended collection of the initial entry Jan? ___ a. Uary b. Feb, Mar, Apr c. Kan, Lan, Man, Nan d. Jan1, Jan2, Jan3, 18. (1.0 point) For many loan and also investment calculations, you require to go into the annual interest rate ____ the variety of times the interest is compounded during the year. A. Added to b. Subtracted indigenous c. Multiplied by d. Divided by 19. (1.0 point) In the formula =IF(A1=B1, C1, C2), the result will be C2 if ____. A. A is equal to B b. A does not equal B c. A1+B1 is same to C1 d. No one of the above 20. (1.0 point) as soon as you go into a formula into a cell, Excel interprets cell referrals in the formula in relationship to the cell location. A. True b. False 21. (1.0 point) The Rand( ) duty falls under the statistical category. A. True b. False 22. (1.0 point) One an obstacle of nesting functions is to make sure that friend include every one of the parentheses. A. True b. False 23. (1.0 point) attributes are organized in the role Library group in the role tab top top the Ribbon. A. True b. False 24. (1.0 point) To get in a mixed reference, form $ after either the heat or tower reference. A. True b. False 25. (1.0 point) no all features have arguments. A. True b. False 26. (1.0 point) count is a statistical function. A. True b. False 27. (1.0 point) In the role Arguments dialog box, required disagreements are in bolder type. A. True b. False 28. (1.0 point) You deserve to open the Insert role dialog box by click the Insert role button top top the Ribbon. A. True b. False29. (1.0 point) The layout Painter switch is ~ above the Clipboard group. A. True b. False30. (1.0 point) utilizing the AutoFill function is an ext efficient than copying and pasting. A. True b. False31. (1.0 point) In the list of AutoFill Options, the fill Formatting only option is the default setting. A. True b. False 32. (1.0 point) AutoFill can recognize some patterns if you plug in a minimum the at least two values, such as “Monday, Tuesday.” a. True b. False 33. (1.0 point) girlfriend can construct decision-making capability into a formula through the use of a reasonable function. A. True b. False 34. (1.0 point) as you begin to kind a duty name within a formula right into a cell, a list of features that start with the letters you typed appears. A. True b. False 35. (1.0 point) The OR function is a logical duty that returns one value if the explain is true and returns a various value if the statement is false. A. True b. False 36. (1.0 point) The explain “A1 >= B1” tests whether the worth in cabinet A1 is lesser than or equal to the value in cell B1. A. True b. False 37. (1.0 point) Use family member references as soon as you desire to repeat the same formula with various cells. A. True b. False 38. (1.0 point) A combined formula has both relative and also absolute references. A. True b. False 39. (1.0 point) once the data contains a couple of extremely huge or extremely little values, it could be finest to use the mean value indigenous the sample. A.

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True b. False