The animal phylum many like the protists that gave rise to the pet kingdom is ___.- Ctenophora- Echinodermata- Lycophyta- Porifera- Cnidaria

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Porifera.(Evidence that supports this contains the lack of true organization in sponges and the nearby similarity in between choanocytes and choanoflagellates.)
Which of the following is a characteristic of cnidarians?- one anus- bilateral symmetry- radula- gastrovascular cavity- mesoderm
Gastrovasicular cavity.(Characterized by a single opening, the is the digestive compartment of cnidarians.)
Members that the phylum Mollusca ___.- have actually tentacles neighboring a central mouth/anus- have segmented bodies and also paired, jointed appendages- room filter feeders- room soft-bodied and often spanned by a shell- have actually closed circulatory systems
Which the the adhering to is true that annelids?- They have actually an open up circulatory system.- They have actually a gastrovascular cavity.- They perform gas exchange across their skin.- They have a nerve net.- They have actually pseudocoeloms.
They execute gas exchange throughout their skin.(Cutaneous respiration occurs across their skins. Polychaetes have lateral extensions, referred to as parapodia, which carry out even much more surface area because that cutaneous respiration.)
A maritime biologist dredges up a small animal from the bottom of the ocean. It is uniformly segmented, through short, stiff appendages and also soft, flexible skin. It has actually a complete digestive system and a close up door circulatory system, add to multiple true coeloms. Based on this, you identify that the animal must be a(n) ___.- annelid- roundworm- crustacean- mollusc- lancelet
Which of the following are assumed to be most closely related come humans?- snails- ants- jellies- earthworms- sea stars
What evidence says that vertebrates are more closely pertained to echinoderms 보다 are any other invertebrate phyla?- common patterns the development- mutual morphology- mutual DNA sequences
Shared DNA sequences.(The clade Deuterostomia consisting of chordates - consisting of vertebrates - and echinoderms is characterized primarily by DNA similarities. Read about deuterostomes.)
Select the correct statement(s) about invertebrate taxa.- tapeworms lack a mouth and gastrovascular cavity- rotifers are smaller sized than numerous protists- ectoprocts absence a distinct head
What framework is responsible because that gas exchange in most spiders?- tracheal tubes- chelicerae- the pedipalp- Malpighian tubules- book lungs
Book lungs.(The substantial surface area of publication lungs is a structural adaptation that enhances the exchange the O2 and CO2 in between the hemolymph and air.)
Some invertebrates incorporate morphological simplicity with features of great structural or biochemical complexity. Pick all correct examples of this statement.- Trematodes are acoelomates the have reliable defenses against attack by your hosts" immune system.- Sponges lack true tissues however have much more variation in cell form than pets in any kind of other phylum.- Cnidarians space diploblasts that create complex, capsule-like organelles.
Trematodes are acoelomates the have efficient defenses versus attack by their hosts" immune system. Cnidarians room diploblasts that develop complex, capsule-like organelles.
Which that the complying with combinations the phylum and also description is incorrect?- Platyhelminthes-flatworms, gastrovascular cavity, acoelomate- Nematoda-roundworms, pseudocoelomate- Echinodermata-bilateral symmetry together a larva, coelom present- Cnidaria-radial symmetry, polyp and medusa human body forms- Porifera-gastrovascular cavity, coelom present




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