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Chapter 31: fungi Pre-Test


1 .Which the the following is a difference in between plants and also fungi? (Concept 31.1) Plants have actually diploid and haploid phases, and also fungi have only haploid stages. Fungi have cell walls. Fungi room heterotrophic, and plants room autotrophic. Plants develop spores. Fungi room strictly asexual, and plants undergo sex-related reproduction. 2 .Fungi obtain nutrients with _____. (Concept 31.1) endocytosis chemosynthesis photosynthesis absorption ingestion 3 .The human body of most fungi is composed of threadlike _____, which type a network called a _____. (Concept 31.1) mycelia ... Dikaryon hyphae ... Chytrid mycelia ... Hypha hyphae ... Mycelium sporangia ... Dikaryon 4 .Fungi have actually cell wall surfaces made the _____. (Concept 31.1) chitin cellulose peptidoglycan hyphae amylopectin 5 .Fungi cannot do their own food, and also they cannot move. How do they obtain nutrition once they have tired their food source? (Concept 31.1) they produce large numbers of tiny spores. They prosper rapidly. They poison anything nearby. Lock produce large numbers of spores, and they thrive rapidly. Castle produce huge numbers of spores, they prosper rapidly, and also they toxicity anything nearby. 6 .The diploid step of the life bike is shortest in i beg your pardon of the following? (Concept 31.2) moss angiosperm fungus fern gymnosperm 7 .Fungi are classified on the basis of _____. (Concept 31.2) their source of food even if it is they kind molds their sexual stage your commercial usage the number of nuclei that are uncovered in a dikaryon 8 .An important example that interaction in between fungi and certain other biology is mycorrhizae, in i m sorry the fungal partner _____.

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(Concept 31.3) help plants take up nutrients and also water cause the decay of cellulose and lignin regulate soil nematodes sicken herbivores the attempt to feeding on plants all of above 9 .Fungi of the phylum Ascomycota are well-known on the basis of their production of _____ during sexual reproduction. (Concept 31.4) saclike frameworks lichens yeasts a dikaryotic framework flagellated zoospores 10 .From the person perspective, i m sorry of the adhering to kinds that fungi would be considered the least helpful or beneficial? (Concept 31.5) mycorrhizal fungi yeasts rusts truffles decomposers ©2005 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Benjamin Cummings