Approaching 11 year on the air, American Pickers has withstood the test of time as among History"s most popular programs. The antiquing adventures of Mike Wolfe, open minded Fritz, and Danielle Colby are as informative as they room entertaining, through each illustration designed to preserve audience attention while all at once educating ~ above the historic context behind your finds. From classic cars to retro toys, the team the pickers has actually checked out artifacts of every shapes, sizes, and eras, ensuring something because that every viewer to enjoy. But, without Mike and Frank"s coast-to-coast roadway trips and also the grasp of personal collectors castle visit prolifically, the display wouldn"t it is in what that is today.

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Since American Pickers began in 2010, the antique Archaeology crew have steadily made relationships with individuals and families throughout the unified States. Some boast tremendous collections of various trinkets the Mike and Frank can"t probably pass up, and also others make large discoveries top top their very own that they"d love to send their way. Among the most memorable Pickers client is the mysterious Bryan "The Colonel" Laird, whose treasure trove resides in eastern Texas. He made his American Pickers debut in the season 15 premiere, "A Colonel that Truth," and also introduced the males to his enormous warehouse, well-known affectionately as the Colonel"s hoard.

This stockpile consists of a small bit of every little thing dating back nearly a century, acting as a mammoth time capsule that sorts. Although, provided Laird"s reclusive nature, and the fact that that hasn"t appeared on American Pickers due to the fact that 2016, one has to wonder what has become of his plenty of antiquities in the years since. Here"s what us know about the fate that the Colonel"s hoard.

Considering the time and money the Colonel invested right into his collection, one would certainly imagine he continues to include to it to this day. However, the couldn"t be further from the case, because Bryan Laird let most of his car memorabilia, general antiques, and much more go on the really same job his appearance on American Pickers was filmed (via TV tendency Now). An auction organized by Walt Cade on march 26, 2016 (via Facebook) saw the vast majority of the Colonel"s hoard find brand-new homes throughout Texas and beyond. 

As Cade called the Longview News-Journal around the time of the sale, "There"s numerous cool pieces.<...>We"ve got signs; signs lug an massive amount the money. We have, probably, a thousand lots here." He additionally recalls once the American Pickers quit by, mentioning that "They come in, and they"ll buy eight come 10 items," but they hardly made a dent, since, at that point, there to be "tens of thousands of things" there, through Cade"s estimates.

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In state of how Laird gained the mass of his items, Cade notes the he frequently attended auctions and obviously left empty-handed an extremely infrequently. His resale of the items, in the exact same manner, to be surely bittersweet, specifically if there were any objects he felt a strong attachment to. It is in that together it may, the didn"t protect against Laird indigenous undergoing part dramatic downsizing, hence putting the legend the the Colonel"s hoard come rest.