The Curse the Oak Island: Season 6, episode 17- clue or False

The adhering to is a Plot an introduction and evaluation of Season 6, illustration 17 the the background Channel’s TV series The Curse that Oak Island.

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Plot Summary

While Laird Niven dismantles the slipway at Smith’s Cove, the remainder of the Oak Island crew meets in the battle Room through surveyor Steve Guptill. Guptill, having completed the job he to be charged with the ahead episode, shows the treasure hunters really cluttered diagram depicting all the shafts and drillholes that have actually been sunk in the Money Pit area. That then defines that the an unified data aided him come pinpoint what the believes to be the location of shaft 6 (a.k.a. The Oak Island Association pillar #2; an enlarge searcher shaft connected to a tunnel i beg your pardon intersected the original Money Pit). Intriguingly, Guptill’s obelisk 6 tunnel coincides perfectly through the data extracted from drillholes IJ5.5 and K5.5. The sweetheart hunters agree that they must sink a caisson at the location where Guptill’s map shows the Money Pit met the shaft 6 tunnel.

An translate of Steve Guptill’s substantial survey map of Oak Island.
An translate of the slipway at Smith’s Cove.

That afternoon, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley head come Smith’s Cove, where Laird Niven has dismantled a ar of the slipway. They continue to steel detect the freshly-uncovered area and also discover one undefinable clump of product which reads together ferrous. The accomplished, Billy Gerhardt clears one that the slipway’s two huge side timbers through his backhoe prior to digging the earth beneath it. The planet he gets rid of is required to the wash plant for cleaning.

Once the planet from beneath the slipway is cleaned and also sorted into piles, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley search through it through a steel detector. Drayton easily discovers a silver coin i beg your pardon he argues might it is in a Spanish 1 real. The endowment hunters present the coin to stack Lagina, that observes the it has a milled edge– one indication that it is most likely no older than 1730 .

The next day, the sweetheart hunters prepare to sink a caisson, referred to as ‘S6’, at the spot wherein Steve Guptill’s diagram shows the confluence that the pillar 6 tunnel and also the initial Money Pit when lay. “We’re around to begin on more than likely the most important excavation on Oak Island this year…” says Marty Lagina that the procedure in a later on interview. “We think we’ve concentrated in on the most most likely spot in the Money Pit to find some really treasure.”

An interpretation of Steve Guptill’s diagram of column 6 and its tunnel.
An interpretation of the “augmented reality” model of the hypothetical Smith’s Cove cofferdam.

That afternoon, stack Lagina top to Smith’s Cove, where he meets v geophysicist Mike West. West, equipped v his deep-penetrating EM61 metal Detector, starts to scan the entirety of Smith’s Cove for any sign the metal. The detector gets 5 hits, each of i m sorry West marks through a pink flag. The geophysicist tells rick that one of the targets, located next come the crane pad, shows up to be specifically large.

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The next day, the Oak Island crew congregates in the Money Pit area, wherein the sinking the the S6 column is underway. At a depth of roughly 78 feet, the hammergrab brings up 6’’x6’’ timbers, i m sorry Doug Crowell identifies as shoring from the Chappell Shaft.

At a depth of around 95 feet, the hammergrab brings up boulders and hard earth, i beg your pardon geologist terry Matheson declares are indications the the caisson is currently in undisturbed, or “in situ”, soil. Shortly thereafter, when the pillar reaches a depth of 101 feet, the caisson cuts through soft material, which Marty Lagina hopes could be the roof that the pillar 6 tunnel. In stimulate to identify whether this is important the case, the team transports that particular hammergrab fill to a to wash table and also washes it by hand. The pack yields several pieces of thick wood sheeting various from the products used in the building of the Chappell Shaft. Soon after discovering the wooden boards, the endowment hunters choose out several big scraps of what shows up to be leather. “If there’s animal leather there, humans were there,” remarks stack Lagina. “And friend can day leather, come a degree.”