The Curse of Oak Island: Season 6, episode 18- heavy Metal

The complying with is a Plot an introduction and analysis of Season 6, illustration 18 the the background Channel’s TV collection The Curse that Oak Island.

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Plot Summary

Rick and Marty Lagina fulfill in the battle Room v Craig Tester, the last in attendance via video conference. The three partners comment on the continuous operation at Smith’s Cove, and also agree the they must dismantle the crane pad and also search because that the overwhelming tunnel- a task for i beg your pardon they have recently obtained permits native the provincial government.

An translate of Smith’s Cove. The crane pad is located on the left.

Later, the crew gathers at the Money Pit area, whereby the excavation of Borehole S6 is underway. Charles Barkhouse describes that the spoils indigenous the excavation space being washed and sorted by the to wash plant. Billy Gerhardt then mirrors Rick Lagina several of the artifacts recovered from the spoils, consisting of several fragments of pottery, a shard that old black glass, and what appears to be a piece of a pipeline stem. When Rick, in turn, reflects the artefacts to the rest of the crew, Doug Crowell remarks the one item of white and blue ceramic evokes similar shards found in Borehole H8.

The complying with day, the crew members accomplish in the battle Room, whereby they existing Laird Niven with some of the artifacts brought up from S6. First, Niven dates the blue and white glazed ceramic from the 1810s to the 1840s. Next, he days the pipeline stem come post-1850. Finally, the archaeologist dates a fragment the red earthenware come the early 1700s, saying “this is the kind of thing you’re hope for.”

An interpretation of the beforehand 18th Century pottery shard discovered in Borehole S6.

That evening, the crew meets at S6, wherein oscillator operator Danny Smith informs them the the shaft has reached radical at a depth of 175 feet. The sweetheart hunters agree to terminate the operation.

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Some job later, rick Lagina, Doug Crowell, and also Paul Troutman head come the Oak Island study Centre. There, Troutman voices his opinion that, based upon recent discoveries and Steve Guptill’s grasp map of the Money Pit area, they ought to sink a column at a location dubbed ‘FG-5.5’.