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First released in 1867, “The Daring Young male on the paris Trapeze” was created by George Leybourne and Gaston Lyle based upon the exploits the trapeze artist Jules Leotard.

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First recorded by Walter O’Keefe in 1932, the track did a slow burn before becoming a hit in 1934. However once it did, “The Daring Young guy on the paris Trapeze” installed itself in well-known culture, motivating a 1934 short story by wilhelm Saroyan and also a 1935 film with W.C. Fields.

Many artists extended “The Daring Young guy on the paris Trapeze” over the taking place years: Eddie Cantor, Burl Ives, Bing crossby to name just a few. In later on years, though, the song prospered dated and also fell out of fashion.

Until 2006, that is, as soon as Bruce Springsteen dusted it turn off for his Americana-based Seeger Sessions Tour.

Although Bruce and also the Sessions band rehearsed the song before the tour even started (and even played it at a publicly rehearsal show), “The Daring Young male on the paris Trapeze” didn’t debut properly until the final display of the tour’s American leg, in Holmdel, new Jersey.

Although their plan was traditional, Bruce discovered the wry, sarcastic humor at the heart of the tune and… well, let’s say he salted the lyrics a bit.

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Bruce walk on to execute “The Daring Young guy on the flying Trapeze” when more–in London that autumn. We haven’t heard from the daring young male since.

The Daring Young man on the flying TrapezeFirst performed: April 26, 2006 (Asbury Park, NJ)Last performed: November 12, 2006 (London, England)


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