While auscultating breath sounds of a patient who was i stabbed it multiple time by a yellow jacket, girlfriend hear bilateral wheezing over all lung fields. This indicates:
You respond to the residence of a 55-year-old female through a possible allergic reaction to peanuts that she ate about 30 minutes ago. The patience is conscious and also alert, yet has diffusive urticaria and also the emotion that she has actually a bump in her throat. As your partner applies oxygen to the patient, girlfriend should:
The adult epinephrine auto-injector it is intended ______ mg the epinephrine, and also the pediatric auto-injector delivers ______ mg.

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You space assessing a young male who was stung on the leg by a scorpion. That is conscious and alert, his breath is regular and also unlabored, and also his blood pressure is 122/64 mm Hg. Evaluate of his leg reveals a wheal surrounding by one area the redness. He says that he had a “bad reaction” the critical time he was i stabbed it by a scorpion, and also carries his very own epinephrine auto-injector. Girlfriend should:
apply high-flow oxygen, use a chemical cold pack straight to the injection site, and also transport in ~ once.
apply high-flow oxygen, attain approval indigenous medical control to aid him v his epinephrine, and also transport.
assess his ABCs and critical signs in 15 minutes and permit him to drive himself come the hospital if he remains stable.
apply oxygen together needed, clean the area through soap and also water or a gentle antiseptic, and transport him come the hospital.

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A 19-year-old woman was i stabbed it multiple times on the foot by fire ants. She states that she is allergic to fire ants, but does not bring her very own epinephrine. The patient is conscious and alert and also complains of pain to the area the the bites. Her blood push is 122/70 mm Hg, her pulse is 100 beats/min and also strong, and her respirations space 18 breaths/min and also unlabored. You should:
Which of the complying with would many likely administer clues concerning the source of a patient"s allergy reaction?
After administering 0.3 mg of epinephrine via auto-injector to a 22-year-old female v an allergic reaction, friend note development in she breathing and also dissipation of she hives. However, she is still anxious and also tachycardic. Girlfriend should:
Chemicals that room responsible because that the signs and also symptoms that an allergic reaction come a punishment sting include:
A 48-year-old male is discovered unconscious in the garden through his wife. As soon as you arrive at the scene and also assess the man, you find that the is unresponsive, has severely labored breathing, and also has hives end his whole trunk. Girlfriend should:
You have actually administered one sheep of epinephrine to a 40-year-old female come treat an allergic reaction the she occurred after being i stabbed it by a scorpion. Your reassessment reveals that she is tho having an obstacle breathing, has a decreasing mental status, and has a blood press of 80/50 mm Hg. Friend should:

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