A really useful phrase for fluency and also articulacy isthe reality that. This have the right to be supplied to add a clause in a sentence whereby the grammar forces you to use a noun, because that example, after linking words such asdespiteorin despite the of, which are both followed by a noun.

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Despite / in spite of+ noun + difference clause

For example:

Despite thesunshine, the snow has actually not however melted.In spite ofthe sunshine, the snow has actually not however melted.

Despiteand in despite the ofhave the very same meaning.

However, friend can include a clause todespiteorin despite the ofby addingthe truth thatand climate a clause.

Despite/in spite of+the truth that+ i + contrasting clause.

For example:

Despite the reality thatthe sun has been shining every day, the snow has actually not however melted.

This allows you come be more flexible with your sentences, but also makes her English sound an ext articulate and fluent.


Here are more examples:

It to be raining, yet the football team ongoing their cultivate session.

Despite the fact thatit was raining, the football team ongoing their maintain session.The football teamcontinued your training sessiondespite the reality thatit was raining.

Theeconomy has entered recession, but our firm is surviving.

In spite of the truth thatthe economy has entered recession, our company is surviving.Our company is survivingin despite the of the fact thatthe economic situation has gone into recession.

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