These class notes top top Functionalist Theory have to be every you should revise this subject for your A level sociology exam

The vital ideas the Functionalist perspective are as complies with –

There is together a point as a social structure that exists separately from individuals. This social structure is composed of standards values happen on through establishments which form the individual –We need to study society scientifically and at the macro level – searching for the general laws that describe human action.Socialisation is crucial – individuals need to be regulated because that the advantage of everyone. The integration and regulation of people is a an excellent thing.We need to analyse culture as a mechanism – look in ~ each little bit by looking at the contribution it renders to the wholeSocial institutions usually perform positive functions – value consensus social integration; society regulation; avoiding anomie and so onAdvanced Industrial society is much better than primitive society – among the key reasons society order is so essential is so us don’t walk backwards – (ties into the idea of progress)

You would carry out well to be able to distinguish in between the concepts of Emile Durkheim – one of the starting fathers of Sociology and also Talcott Parsons – who emerged Functionalism in the 1940s and 50s.

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Durkheim and Functionalism

Durkheim is one of the founding fathers that Sociology. The basically believed that society structure and social order to be important due to the fact that they constrained individual selfishness. However, that realized that as societies evolved, so human being became an ext individualistic – more cost-free – and also so preserving social stimulate became much more of a problem for society. The inquiry of just how social order was to be completed in complex societies was among his cook concerns.

 Emile Durkheim 1858-1917: The an initial ever ‘Professor the Sociology’Durkheim: The historic Context In bespeak to recognize Durkheim’s work-related you require to recognize the historical context in i beg your pardon he to be writing. Emile Durkheim (1858 – 1917) was a student of the Positivist Auguste Comte. Durkheim and also the an initial ever professor that Sociology. Durkheim’s major works to be published between 1893 and 1912 – therefore he was writing in the center of modernity and experiencing the industrialisation and urbanisation of France. Durkheim thought that the social alters ushered in by modernity intimidated social order and also his sociology is a response to this. His social research had two main concernsHe want to certain that modern-day societies were harmonious and orderly  He want to create a science of culture so that we could generate clear knowledge around how come bring about social order

1. Over there is together a thing as a ‘Social Structure’

Durkheim thought that there was such a thing as a social structure – consisted of of norms and also values. He argued that this structure existed over the level that the individual since norms and values head the individual – they currently exist in culture when we space born into it. Durkheim thought that people’s behaviour was shaped by the device of norms and values that they were born into.

Durkheim thought that the social structure contained ‘social facts‘ – phenomena i m sorry were external to the individual and also constrained their methods of acting…

2. Sociologists must use scientific approaches to uncover the straightforward laws that govern person behaviour

Much of Durkheim’s work was aimed at demonstrating the importance of organic solidarity and additionally trying to find out what societies should do in stimulate to accomplish organic solidarity. In bespeak to do this he suggested that we needed to usage objective, society scientific methods to discover out the general laws the govern societies.. You have to refer come the ar on Durkheim’s clinical methods and his research of self-destruction in the Positivism/ sociology and also science handout.

3 individuals need to be restrained

Durkheim thought that individuals had a biological tendency to be normally selfish and look the end for themselves and that it was up to culture to regulate these normally selfish desires at some point for the benefit of all. As well much flexibility is negative for both the individual and also society. This is rather an obvious idea yes, really – every Durkheim thought is that higher levels of person happiness and also ‘progress’ could be achieved if human being cooperated together fairly than contending like pets in a battle of all against all end scarce resources.

Societies somehow need to ensure that individual’s normally selfish tendencies room restrained and also in stimulate to do this societies need to create a sense of social solidarity – which is making people feel as if they part of something bigger and teaching lock the standards of acceptable behaviour – a procedure Durkheim called Moral regulation.

Both social Solidarity and Moral Regulation count on the efficient socialisation of individuals into the wider society. Socialisation is the procedure whereby individuals learn the norms and also values that a society.

Key hatchet – social SolidarityWhere there is a sense of feeling component of other greater. A shared feeling of working together to completed the collectively agreed on objectives of society.

Achieving solidarity in advanced industrial culture is difficult

Durhkeim argued that solidarity and also moral regulation were completed in different ways in primitive and progressed industrial societies. In the former, solidarity happens automatically, while in the later it is more daunting to achieve.

In Primitive society, because that Example: Feudal Britain, before industrializati were tiny scale and locally based, with civilization living in the same area all their lives. There was also an extremely little role differentiation and also no facility division that labour. Usually speaking, human being have common experiences the the exact same village, the same tasks and the same people all over there lives. Durkheim said that when civilization share the very same reality and also the very same goals, and are closely reliant on one another, moral regulation and also social solidarity are easily achieved. People also shared one religion which listed a shared set of ethical codes to all people. Durkheim referred to this situation as mechanically solidarity: Solidarity based on similarity.

In progressed Industrial culture the number of specialised jobs increase and also the department of work becomes an ext complex. Individuals become an ext interdependent together people become less self-sufficient and much more dependent on a larger variety of people the they execute not know. As a result, the ability of religion to carry out the same moral codes to all individuals declines. The trouble is that world no longer lead the exact same lives, they are different to each other, and contemporary societies require to find a means of achieve solidarity based upon difference quite than solidarity based on similarity.

Because of this differences, modern-day societies run the hazard of too much individualism and face a ‘crisis of moral regulation’, a problem which Durkheim dubbed ‘anomie’ and Durkheim thus said that achieve moral regulation and regulating people was the primary problem facing progressed industrial societies. The difficulty was one of achieving ‘organic solidarity’: ‘social solidarity based on difference

Durkehim suggested that, offered the decline of religion, work organizations and education would certainly provide society with the essential moral regulation in advanced industrial societies. Focussing on education, Durkheim said that what education does is concurrently teach us the diverse skills required because that an advanced division of work and carry out us with common norms and values with the to teach of topics such as background and with there being shared assemblies.

Key term – AnomieWhere modern-day social solution encourage too much individualism – as a repercussion there is a general lack that agreement about norms and values – some commentators explain anomie as a state that normlessness.

Talcott Parson’s Functionalism

Writing in the 1940s and also 1950s Talcott Parsons developed on Durkheim’s work

4. The organic Analogy<1> – we should see society as a system

Talcott Parsons saw culture as working choose a person body, suggesting that that establishments in culture were like organs in the body – every performing particular functions that were necessary to the maintain of the whole. Parsons suggested that components of society should be understood in regards to what they contribute to the maintain of the whole.

The bodyThe necessary AnalogyInstitutions
Each Organ has a distinctive functionInstitutions have a distinct function
All the bits essentially work together harmoniouslyAll establishments work with each other harmoniously
Organs room interdependentOrgans space interdependent
Has an i can identify boundaryHas an i can identify boundary
The sum is better than that partsThe amount is higher than its parts.
Normal: healthyNormal: low prices social problems.

5. Institutions perform optimistic functions

Following the essential analogy, Parsons sought come understand establishments by examining the positive functions they played in the maintain of society order. Some of the positive attributes Parsons figured out include those below

Institutions generally promote Value Consensus – among the most necessary functions that social establishments is the production of value agreement – i m sorry is agreement around shared values. Parsons said that meeting to usual values is the basis because that order in society. 2 of the most vital shared values include a belief in the work-related ethic and a belief in meritocracy. Parsons said these were both an important to modern society because a job-related ethic ensures world value working rather than lazing about and meritocracy way people think that hard work need to be rewarded.The Family is responsible because that passing on the an easy norms and also values the our society – it gives early socialization; the stabilization that adult individualities and additionally somewhere for world to escape indigenous the pressure of contemporary life – acting together a release valve.Education integrates individuals into more comprehensive society – offering individuals v a feeling of belonging and also identity to the broader society. Parsons argued, for example, that education does this through teaching united state a shared history and language.Other establishments regulate individual behavior through social sanctions, preventing crime and also deviance escalating the end of control.

The Idea of sensible Pre-requisites

Parsons believed that cultures had specific functional prerequisites. Practical pre-requisites space things that societies need in order come survive. Similar to human us need particular things to survive, therefore every society has to have details things in order to duty properly. Because that example, a society must produce and distribute resources such together food and shelter; there needs to be some type of company that resolves conflicts, and others the socialize the young.

According to Parsons a society system has actually four needs which need to be met for ongoing survival – These room adaptation, score attainment, integration and also latency. In advanced industrial society, these demands are met through dedicated sub systems

Parson’s surname for each role (AGIL)This means….Performed by what institutions?
AdaptationAdapt come the environment and also the manufacturing of goods and also services
Goal AttainmentDecide what goals society as a whole should target to achieve
IntegrationAchieve social cohesion
Latency (Pattern Maintenance)Socialise the young into shared values

Parsons argued that society’s needs have to come prior to the needs of the individual. This is why the is for this reason keen to stress and anxiety the prestige of the family and education passing on specific norms and also values that bind civilization together in worth consensus.

Stretch and challenge – discover out an ext about Functional- Prerequisites
Functionalist theory about what ‘needs’ societies have is far from perfect. Your theories about what demands societies have actually come from the adhering to two resources -Sociologists and Anthropologists have studies thousands of various societies and also cultures to find if there are any type of institutions which appear in all of them. George Peter Murdock in the 1940s suggested that the household exists in every culture while Davis and also Moore (1960s) suggested that there is some kind of stratification device in every society. Functionalists thus concluded the at the very least societies need some form of family and some type of stratification mechanism in order to survive.Marion J levy (1952) reflect on what kinds of problems would bring about the collapse of society. She argued that this would take place if members came to be extinct, if they came to be totally apathetic, connected in a battle of all against all, or if lock were soaked up into another society. Thus she said that every societies necessary mechanisms come ensure that these things did not happen. It adheres to that societies necessary some type of system for reproducing brand-new members.

6. Social adjust and social evolution

Parsons viewed social change as a process of ‘social evolution’ from basic hunter-gatherer cultures to more complex forms of progressed industrial society. More complicated forms of society are far better because lock are an ext adaptive – more able to respond to transforms in the environment, an ext innovative, and an ext able to harness the talent of a more comprehensive range of individuals (because they room meritocratic). They are thus much more able to survive. (This is actually quite Darwinian – people thrive more than monkeys because they are more able to adapt their environment to fit them – progressed industrial societies thrive because they are an ext able to adapt their environment contrasted to hunter- gatherer societies.)

Parsons said that initially financial and technological changes result in societies evolving, yet increasingly values become the driving force behind social progress. He said that the worths of advanced industrial societies were superior to those of timeless societies because modern values allow a culture to be an ext adaptive, whereas traditional values are an ext likely come prevent readjust and store things the means they are.Now reflecting earlier to Parson’s evaluation of the family and also education, we can see the the reason he emphasize the prestige of these is since they are maintaining together the many advanced society – the finest – if the family members etc. Collapse, we may regress ago to a more primitive type of society organisation.

Crticisms the the Functionalist Perspective

1. Is there really a ‘structure’ that exists separately of individuals? 

 2. It is difficult to evaluate the effects of organizations – In order to establish whether an institution has actually positive functions, one would have to accurately measure all of the impacts an college actually had actually on all individuals and all various other institutions. This is extremely an overwhelming to do due to the fact that it is impossible to isolation the impacts of an college on other things.

3.Functionalism exaggerates the level of worth consensus and also Social Order – Parsons is criticized because that assuming value consensus exists rather than in reality proving it

4.Michael Mann suggests that social stability could be due to the fact that of absence of agreement rather than since of it. If everyone really thought in the worth of success then disorder might an outcome because no everyone can gain the highest reward. It complies with that social security is much more likely if the civilization at the bottom of society – the majority are tuned out.

5.Functionalism is a deterministic theory – Human behavior is portrayed as gift shaped by the society system, together if people are programmed b social institutions.

 6.Functionalism ignores conflict and also coercion – Marxists argue the mainstream social worths – like those in sample variable B, room actually the worths of elite groups, and also thus society order is applied on the majority by a relatively small team of elite actors.

7. Functionalism is ideology system – Functionalism is a conservative social theory. By suggesting that specific institutions are necessary – such together the family, religion and also stratification solution – they room actually justifying the existence of the social order together it is, additionally by focussing top top the optimistic functions

So is Functionalism still relevant today?

Despite the flaws mentioned over perhaps Functionalism need to not it is in rejected the end of hand –

The idea that we have the right to usefully watch at culture as a system and also that the parts are interdependent is an assumption made by federal governments who inject money into education and learning or welfare in order to attain a preferred end.

Similarly the idea that us can help countries build from primitive to progressed by giving help is still a really common idea, and also many in the developing world aspire to become like nations in the West.

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Finally, statistics still disclose some exciting correlations between someone’s position in the society structure and their chances of other happening to them. For example….

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