Address:1401 W Esplanade Ave, Kenner, LA 70065, USA
Phone:+1 504-229-4259


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Reviews 15



The seats are great, however thats it!! customer service and cleanliness is terrible. I arrived through my family of 4, 25 minutes early on to a movie to find the theatre packed v no seat together. I checked out customer service and also asked to switch to the next show due to no seats. Ns was called by Paul that there space seats but they are scattered...Nonsense!! Who desires to sit away from their youngsters in a theater, anything might happen!!!!!!!!! ns was climate told that ns would need to pay second cost due to the fact that the next show was in ~ 4:05 and my tickets were because that a 3:35 matinee. Then my daughter poked a hole in the flimsy cups they administer for one icee. Ns asked for a cup in ~ concession, explaining the dilemma and also was called I could only have a little clear plastic complimentary cup also though i paid $5.75 because that a drink & cup. Last, the bathroom to be filthy and had an horrible smell the lingered right into the hall. The comfy seat dont comprise for crappy service. Ns wont be renewing mine Reel Rewards card!!!!!


Daniel Escoto

Me encanta el cine, sus sillas son excelente, pero hay un problema, me sente en la última línea en la línea H sala 9 para ver mi película dare 3 con mis sobrinos, pero fue de lo peor experiencia ya que al reclinar mi silla la malla de seguridad queda a la mitad de la pantalla y se hace dificl poder verla completa, pondré una foto y espero no sea ilegal ponerla pero espero ayude...


Katie Tymon

Service sucks. Starters i was asked if i would prefer to acquisition the rewards program and when I claimed yes i was seen without it... Why asking if your no listing? The reality that you not offer kids a cup v lid because that water climate be rude around it is petty. The topper once I called about buying a large amout the tickets and asking for assist to plan the event ya know like gaining seats that are together i was told they didnt give a team discount and he hung increase on me. Um thats no at all what i asked but the service has forced me to take it our organization elsewhere. Indigenous thr way ive been treared friend dont require my service so doubt you see it as my loss not yours. Expect your service improves asap.

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Charlene Duke

Love this theater. The lazy boy recliners space the highlight. Expense for drinks and popcorn room no various then any other theater. Finest thing to execute if you are a movie goer is to i ordered it to The Grands reward program (The Reel Rewards) $10 for 12 months. The day ns purchased the card (November 24th, 2015) I obtained a cost-free popcorn and drink so the map pays for itself the job you buy it. Friend accumulate rewards because that every purchase. I likewise got $5 for my birthday. My total rewards to day is $13 the I have the right to use toward present tix and/or concession whenever ns want. The Grand has actually a forever patron in me. If I can give much more than 5 stars ns would.


Michael Pejsach

FInally walk to view Star Wars. Obtained to the theater and went right into #13 and, low and behold, the seats were those wide lounge chairs the recline every the way. Wow!And the service was awesome.Lost mine wallet, guessing the came loose by all my reclining, up and also Dow, and also they found and kept it because that me. Didnt realize that was lacking until after us took the dog come the dog park. Ran earlier to the theater....about one hour later on, they had actually it...with a smile. Ns was for this reason relieved. They are the best!Thank you cool Theater, Kenner....


Louis Castillo III

I thought we to be adults yet apparently we need to be treated like kids in primary school school. Me and also my fiance were cursed the end by a team of immature human being over seats.Our seat were take it so we just moved to another collection of seats favor adults due to the fact that we just wanted to reap a movie without​our kids. A team of human being were so will on having a seat. So once the manager showed up the various other party ongoing to curse, yet we were told that us were walking to be asked come leave. So we left top top our very own accord no pleased at all.


Thomas Lacassagne

This theatre is the product the pure stupidity. Reclining seat (great) Extra foot room ( great) Assigned seat (annoying) hand railing therefore high that when you recline the railing tales up the bottom part of the screen ( unbelievably among the worst decisions) ns will never ever come ago to this theatre. And this is not the an initial problem Ive had actually here. The rude summer staff doesnt make the experience any kind of better. This theatre no be open past another year if these points arent fixed.


Perla Alvarado

Ever due to the fact that it to be renovated this is the just theater we go to. Love it! ns feel prefer Im house when i recline the seat, lug your blanket, its a must.Employees are really friendly and courteous. I just had actually the best experience v something very valuable that i though I had lost and also I wouldnt gain back. Supervisors are one of the many honest world in there as well as all the staff.Love coming right here every week to unwind indigenous my busy life.


Lost Boyz Gurl

LOVE the seats! and the screens are nice and also big. Better to buy tickets online due to the fact that of the scheduled seating, it would certainly suck to get there and there be no seats. Food to be good, usual theater food lol, Ive never ever seen a theater v a bar so the was pretty neat! commodes were disgusting though.. And also for the 5 human being behind the food booth i couldnt understand why over there was just 2 present open?



Only problem I have is the handicapped seating must be for handicapped human being andtheir family. Its simply not right that children and adults need to climb increase the stairs because of parental who enable their kids to use handicapped seats. No happy about inconsiderate people and I feel monitoring should enforce the or have actually reserved seating for handicapped people.


Vincent Ferraro

Possibly the nicest theatre Ive ever before been to. Motorized recliners in the most comfortable the movie theater seats. Ample room once reclined for civilization to tho walk past you without having to move. Bar in lobby through special drinks and also alcoholic slushies. The theatre itself had amazingly clear photo and great sound, and also all in ~ a great price!


Wendy Sawyer

Ive to be to this theater twice and both times i have paid because that GPX and the movie never correctly. The first time it was it too 20 minutes because it froze and tonight it took 34 minute to obtain the movie started. I will certainly not come ago no one speak to united state to permit us know what was going on. Really poor service all the way around!!!!


Sierra Temes

Finally a movie theater best by our house! the ar itself has good details and constantly has good movies for anyone in the family. The only trouble is the annoying son that kicks the earlier of your seat throughout the entirety movie so girlfriend cant enjoy it as much. Various other than that the place is great.

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Candace McG

I dont understand what else I could say the hasnt currently been said. Reasonable prices, even for 3-D. Clean theaters with awesome motorized, reclining leather seats. I havent personally obtained food or drink (too expensive because that me) yet the theatre themselves are amazing. Definitely recommend


Scott Muller

BEST MOVIE THEATRE IN THE brand-new ORLEANS AREA by FAR. Comfy reclining seats, exorbitant bar and bartenders and just a good atmosphere. Way better than going to nasty Elmwood or Clearview AMC theatres whereby the floors remain dirty and also sticky and you feel like you i do not know touch anything.