One of the many sought after ~ trophies in theHunter call of the Wild is the Diamond medal. If you’re brand-new to the game, you may have no idea what they room or exactly how to acquire them. Diamonds space the highest feasible medal friend can gain from a harvest, other than for the elusive good Ones. There are specific requirements to save in mind when going for Diamonds. This guide describes how to obtain Diamond in theHunter contact of the Wild.

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In general, friend can focus on acquisition out together many pets as possible if you’re play by yourself. When you get rid of an animal, a new one will generate in its location somewhere top top the map. The replacement animal can it is in a random weight and have arbitrarily stats, meaning it could be a Diamond-tier animal.

How to obtain Diamond in theHunter speak to of the Wild

A Diamond is the highest trophy rating you can acquire from a harvest in theHunter call of the Wild. Achieve a Diamond deserve to be daunting for players of all ability levels, but you can keep these three things in mental to know what goes into determining your medal. To obtain a Diamond in theHunter contact of the Wild, you must:

Check that theTrophy Ratingmeets Diamond requirementsEnsure the animal level is maximum because that its types (optional)Pass theHarvest ChecksProper ammo for the animalHit pet two time or lessIntact trophy organsHit one or more vital organs

Trophy Rating

Trophy Rating is one of two people an review of the animal’s trophy or their weight. It is animal-specific, therefore comparing her Trophy Rating between two different varieties is meaningless. The Trophy Rating is what goes into determining your medal. Each species of pet has different diamond requirements, i m sorry you can see from the harvest screen. Here are the medal breakdown requirements:

No Medal: animal has no trophy organBronze: Trophy Rating under 20% of the maximumSilver: Trophy Rating is between 20% and also 60% that the maximumGold: Trophy Rating is in between 60% and also 90% the the maximumDiamond: Trophy Rating is 90% that the maximum

There is one medal above diamond, however it is scarce, and you need to never financial institution on finding among them. We’re talking around theGreat Oneaward.

On the harvest screen, hover your computer mouse over the number beside “Trophy Rating.” friend will check out a number provided there together with a dropdown that breaks under the demands per medal.


Harvest Checks

One that the key things come pay fist to when going because that diamonds is happen the harvest check. You have the right to view this native the animal’s harvest display under the trophy rating section.

Use the appropriate ammo

Using the ideal ammo to hunt animals is essential when going because that Diamond. The number top top the top right the the animal’s stat dashboard is the class of the animal. You can then look at the ammo in your bag to watch which great of pets it covers. Highlight a form of ammo and also look for the stat field labeled “recommended classes.” always make sure your ammo kind covers the class of the pet you’re hunting.

Hit pet two time or less

This harvest examine is simple and way that girlfriend won’t happen if girlfriend shoot the animal much more than 2 times. Making use of the exactly ammo type and hitting a an essential organ will certainly likely cause the pet to bleed out in one shoot or drop on the spot anyway.

Trophy guts intact

Another harvest check you have the right to see top top the harvest display screen is the trophy organs. Let’s say you inspect the animal harvest screen, and also it reflects their trophy body organ is the skull. If you watch this, avoid going for a skull shot. As a general rule of thumb as soon as going because that Diamonds, don’t walk for a skull shot unless you’re hunting ducks or rabbits. Those are the just two animals where it doesn’t matter where girlfriend shoot it since they are tiny.

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Vital organ hit

A an essential organ hit means a shot come the heart, neck, brain, liver, or lungs. The spinal cord go not ever before constitute a crucial organ hit, therefore you need to aim for the organs above instead.