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"Angel in Blue" is a track written by Seth Justman that was an initial released by the J. Geils tape on their 1981 album frozen Frame. Released as a solitary in 1982, the song reached the peak 40. Cissy Houston and also Luther Vandross appear on the song as earlier up vocalists. AllMusic doubter Stephen thomas Erlewine describes the track as "terrific neo-doo wop." Viglione praises it further, stating that it is "arguably the smartest lyric in the J. Geils band catalogue" with a "strong melody," concluding the it is "four minutes and also fifty-one secs (on the album) that Peter Wolf reading Seth Justman"s post-"Centerfold" wet dream. " Music critic Robert Christgau states defines the song as "slick get-"em-off trash" about "a whore v a love of brass that I"m simply a sucker for." note Coleman that The Rolling rock Album guide finds the song to it is in "haunting.""Angel in Blue" to be released together a solitary in 1982, adhering to the peak 10 access time "Centerfold" and also "Freeze Frame" indigenous the Freeze framework album. That peaked in ~ #40 ~ above the Billboard warm 100, remaining there for two weeks. It additionally reached #55 in the UK. The song likewise made the Billboard Singles Radio action chart in a number of regions, consisting of Buffalo, new York, Annapolis, Maryland, Nashville, Tennessee and Jacksonville, Florida. "Angel in Blue" was also released top top a variety of J. Geils tape compilation albums, including Centerfold, The an extremely Best J.

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Geils band Album Ever and also Best that The J. Geils Band, and several multi-artist compilation albums.more »

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We met in a barOut on Chesapeake Bay through her white patent bootsAnd her blouse red lameA table peak dancerShe would certainly smile ~ above cueOh those lips of an angel Angel in blueShe"d been dancin for agesThrough urban of barsShe to be kickin" the habit of scoring in carsShe"d been drained of she spiritAll caged up in this zooA wild cat angelAngel in blueAnd together she stared out into nowhereI assumed yes I assumed she might breakdown and cry Oh as soon as I whispered I thought I might love herShe simply said, "Baby don"t also bother come try"And i watched together she spokeHer words chilled mine bonesAll she friends did her favorsThat were really just loansAnd she never had dreamsSo they never came trueOh the palest of angelsAngel in blueAnd the bees they had stung herThe bird they had flownThere were men she could numberBut none had actually she knownAnd she never had dreams So they never came trueOh my fade away angelAngel in blueAngel in blueAngel in blueAngel in blue

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