On The critical Ship Season 4 episode 3, “Bread and Circuses,” Chandler is rejoined with the crew and seamlessly works alongside them come secure the seeds.

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It’s always inspiring to watch this team job-related together, and even there is no Chandler as their leader, they prove what one incredible pressure they room together. Slattery has plainly done a great a project of pour it until it is full Chandler’s shoes, and Sasha Cooper proceeds to prove herself to be a complete badass.

Her rapid thinking and fearlessness is why the crew is may be to monitor Omar come Sardinia, and in the process, to get some help from their estranged previous captain.


That’s not foreboding at all, right?

The “bread that life” bit, we realize, has everything to carry out with the seeds. What he’s hiding in his office appears to be plans because that those seeds, i beg your pardon he’s willing to salary Omar a large amount of money for.

Chandler is smart enough to play along with Giorgio, to be silent as that talks through Omar, and to remain as anonymous together possible. He also suggests come Giorgio that perhaps he shouldn’t pay Omar till he knows for certain that Omar has actually lugged the seeds.

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Is there a much better nickname because that Chandler than Hercules?

It’s so interesting how Chandler has changed since his time top top the James. His soul is broken in such a means that that doesn’t care if he has to fight. I’m not sure if he also cares even if it is he resides or dies.

Dr. Vellek: girlfriend seem nice calm for a man facing death.

Chandler: I’ve confronted worse.

It’s once Chandler is prepared to fight the his crew spots the — Sasha notices the first, and also then Slattery.


You knew what to be going to occur next, right? There’s nothing quite like watching Slattery and Chandler ago together, sharing a an enig and punching each various other as Chandler tells Slattery where he can find the seeds.

Slattery has some animosity towards his friend and also throws that one punch that he claims is “for her” pointing him to Sasha. Chandler did abandon his crew — but at the point, he had to.

Chandler provides his position among Giorgio’s civilization to aid the crew, and also it’s virtually a perfect win. It’s likewise all one hell of a reunion — and also though some of it seems simply a little convenient, it’s emotional to watch even through the gunfire.

It seems favor they’ve got it under regulate when Chandler take away the seed from Lucia, and they’re all prepared to head ago to the ship. Yet when Slattery is left alone through Lucia, with intentions of taking her earlier to your ship, she stabs him and runs away.

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To do matters worse, Slattery loser his gun, and now he’s alone in unfamiliar territory. Oh, and he’s now the one with the seeds.

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