We understand that many civilization still use the BitTorrent client, and that is ok. Over there are far better tools that space 100% cost-free and do not hide the functions behind a paywall, yet at the exact same time, BitTorrent is quite mature due to the fact that of the age.

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It has involved our attention that some users of the renowned platform have recently encountered a strange error message: “The procedure cannot access the document because that is being provided by another process” This error blog post usually appears when a user tries to download peer-to-peer files.

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How to fix the “Process cannot accessibility the file” article in BitTorrent?Frequently asked Questions

What causes the “Process cannot accessibility the file” article in BitTorrent?


Torrent is gift uploaded to a cloud storage application: This difficulty may happen if you have actually uploaded the torrent come a location that is also managed by a cloud warehouse service, prefer OneDrive, DropBox, or Drive.The paper is currently being offered by one more application: many often, this error occurs when the torrent client tries to write to a record being accessed by another process or application. In most cases, this trouble is led to by the Finder, a file indexing program, or an ISO mount program.Third-Party AV Interference: one more scenario that has actually been displayed to cause this error is AV package interference that quarantines parts of the torrent papers (either for legitimate reasons or because of a false positive).

How to solve the “Process cannot access the file” message in BitTorrent?

Uninstalling a third-party antivirus package

First, operation the run dialog crate by pushing the home windows + R an essential combination.Now form “appwiz.cpl” in the north dialog box and also click OK. A “Programs and Features” food selection will appear on the screen.Scroll through the list of programs and features and find the antivirus package set up on your system.Right-click ~ above the antivirus package and also select Uninstall from the pop-up menu.Follow the indict on the screen to complete the removal and also then restart her computer.Now check if the difficulty has been fixed or not.

Users who encounter the BitTorrent “Process cannot access file” error because of a third-party antivirus package can uninstall it and also check even if it is the trouble has been addressed or not. ~ uninstalling, your computer will automatically be switched to the standard mix of windows Defender and also Windows Firewall security.

Download the paper from the OneDrive / Dropbox / drive folder again

First start BitTorrent and right-click on the torrent that is bring about the error message.Now choose Delete indigenous the context menu, climate click .torrent + Delete Data.Double-click the .torrent document again, and then choose a place that is the end of range of her cloud storage.This definitely solves the BitTorrent “Process cannot access the file” error.

The solution calls for that you an initial delete the torrent from her cloud storage. Climate upload the again come its usual ar via Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox.

Terminate all application processes that interfere v BitTorrent

First, push the Ctrl + transition + Esc key mix to open the task Manager window.Now scroll v the list of procedures in the task Manager window, discover the entries that can belong come the interfering applications, right-click ~ above them and select end Task.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

The process cannot accessibility the record because that is being offered by another process. To deal with this error: press Ctrl + Alt + Del, then click job Manager. Make certain you space in the "Processes" tab.