We think it"s same to say the The real Housewives that Beverly Hills has seen better days, and the cast members space phoning that in in ~ this stage for the paycheck. 

When The actual Housewives the Beverly Hills Season 8 illustration 3 got underway, Dorit Kemsley was in debriefing setting with she husband, PK, around what occurred in ras Vegas. 


Dorit admitted that she bonded through Erika throughout the trip. She did the impossible: She regulated to penetrate the shield of ice cream Erika has held in front of she heart because she an initial appeared on the show. 

While that may have been a win for Dorit, she stopped short of dishing every the goodies around her reunion v Lisa Rinna. Perhaps she knew PK would certainly not approve.

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If you clock The genuine Housewives that Beverly Hills online, you will already know the PK has been less than enthusiastic around Lisa Rinna in the past. 


Maybe it"s since Lisa Rinna is just one of those world that can see v his tough-guy attitude and also knows a giant d-bag when she sees one. 

Elsewhere, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave made her very first big mistake as a regular cast member: She went behind two of the various other housewives" backs and met up with the pariah that is Lisa Rinna for some lunch. 

Maybe Teddi realized that the pathway to much more screen time is mingling v the one who has actually nobody else around to steal the limelight. 

The an excellent thing around the lunch day was the it allowed an ext of Teddi"s personality come shine ~ above through. V her very first two appearances ~ above the show, she seemed an ext like a parent on The CW"s reboot the that renowned Fox display from the 90s. 


Her exhilaration was as wooden as the performances that the world who play the parents on the show, and we"re not also sure she need to be acting offered that this is reality TV!

Later, great old Lisa Vanderpump rounded up Dorit"s friends and also family for part drinks and also food come celebrate the eve of Dorit"s birthday dinner. 

It"s bizarre that they"re going the end drinking for the night before the party, yet it"s nice to see just how the other 1% live. Dorit"s son, Jagger was the main attraction because he pretty lot said what Dorit had been saying about Erika. 

While Erika to be glad to have actually a kid along, the son yelled "bad guy" at her during the dinner, and also Dorit looked choose she want to fight up she plastic surgeon and also get a brand brand-new appearance so the she never had actually to fulfill Erika again. 


“My son’s really into poor guys and superheroes,” Dorit claimed to the camera. Yeah, we"re not buying what you"re selling, dearie. 

As if points were no awkward enough, Lisa Rinna chose to make a speech. These two room barely friends, therefore it was hilarious that she thought a speech remained in order. 

“We room in a yes, really nice place, so give thanks to you and happy date of birth to you,” Rinna said.

While all seemed an excellent between the ladies, the fireworks kicked off when again after ~ Teddi and Edwin were invite to dine at Dorit"s home. 

It was a double-date and Dorit was cooking. We were just glad Lisa Rinna was not in attendance because there"s no informing what PK and also Dorit would perform to take she down. 


PK wasted no time in telling Teddi and also Edwin all about the drama through Lisa Rinna. 

“He think Lisa Rinna is schizophrenic,” Dorit said.

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“She’s one human one minute and also then an additional person an additional minute. She rage and regret – rage and also regret,” Dorit said.

Teddi to be unimpressed, however kept she composure because that dinner, and turned to the camera to dish the end her 2 cents. 

“I’m confused. Friend just had this big moment where you’ve forgiven each other,” Teddi said. “And now you’re in ~ a dinner, talking about it again. That’s no forgiveness, in mine opinion.”

Now, all we require is Teddi to go to Lisa through those loosened lips and also reveal everything that happened during the dinner party. That way, we"ll have a actual party. 

What did friend think of every the drama?

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The actual Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: poor Guys

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