This standard TV series centers on Jim Rockford (James Garner), a top-shelf personal investigator through a background his client would never expect.

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Johnny A. LargeReviewed in the United claims on April 4, 2014
Finally perfect my repertoire with the last season that Rockford Files. The final season was absolutely lacking the exact same crisp composing as vault seasons, and Mr. Garner was absolutely disillusioned with the economic shenanigans gift perpetrated by the producers. However, quite to see some great guest stars (like Tom Selleck) and also the normal roster of offbeat characters.One the the many fun reflects I have ever watched, also if simply to watch James Garner inhabit the Rockford persona.Only 9 illustration here, but come on, you need it to finish your collection too!!If you wait, at certain times you deserve to purchase any kind of of the periods for under $14 each...well precious the money.Don"t think this will ever before be top top Blu-Ray...but da da, da da da da music starts and also you will certainly be taken earlier to genuine TV history.
BelaReviewed in the United says on October 5, 2017
This season ended beforehand as Garner was in hospital and wanted the end so castle cancelled with only 1/2 season done. Few of the episodes areas great as any kind of season but has a couple of clinkers choose the Lauren Bacall episode. There room two shot on place one in Hawaii and also one in afishing city both room two the the wildest episodes with several ridiculous plots yet both funny as usual. My favorite is Tom Selleck episodeas the bumbling detective Lance White is back. It"s a real great one. If her a fan you have to have the critical season of James Rockford.
LKMReviewed in the United says on may 27, 2020
Some on this forum have said that the reduce Season six of Rockford was not as good as those that came before it however I don"t agree. The writing was together sharp as ever with good stuff from Stephen J. Cannell, Juanita Bartlett and the soon-to-be-famous David Chase. ("The Sopranos").
MattReviewed in the United claims on January 11, 2017
ABRUPTLY end ON 13TH EPISODE. NO CONCLUSION because that THE SHOW, NO FANFARE, simply A consistent EPISODE the ISN"T great BUT IT was ROCKFORD"S last SEASON. IF friend OWN any OF THE PREVIOUS seasons THEY to be ALL kept ON FILM. IN THIS collection THE NETWORKS began STORING THE episodes ON VIDEOTAPE and also THE top quality IS not AS good AS THE various other SETS. THE SOUND IS likewise QUITE BAD.

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The final Season. Rather a Shame, acually. The town hall this an excellent series as soon as it was an initial broadcast, ns though Rockford to be pretty cool. Smart enough to stop a struggle but, constantly willing to take "em on if require be. Nice humble and also down come earth as with his dad. Always had respect because that women and had decent relationships v decent women. Ns didn"t recognize why in ~ the time, I simply remember that disappeared and it took me as much as a couple of years ago to uncover out the behind the scene drama the took place and also how global was trying to offer James Garner a shellacking once he had actually to stop production due to the fact that of one injury. I won"t go on about it (google that if you want the entirety story), simply suffice to say that things got worked out and universal even produced 8 TV movies 20 years later.To the set. 12 episodes and also NO extras. Housed in the same digipak as the last few sets and having the very same menus and also options, nothing really lot to say about it. Together you"ve probably heard elsewhere, the TV movies room conspicuously missing. Through only half a season they might have been added to round out the series and us wouldn"t have to wait also longer to see them. To be ethical I can"t even remember if I witnessed them and also just thought they to be reruns or not.P.S. If you desire to check out a pre-Rockford performance the is so similar you want to think it"s the beginning point because that Jim Rockford, shot and record "Marlow". TCM reflects it once and also a while. Playing Ramond Chandler"s character, he was updated come be contemporary at the moment it to be made (1969). A little cameo role in there for Bruce Lee for every you fans. Rita Moreno, a Rockford favorite is in there too.James Garner has constantly been a heavy actor and makes you care for any character the plays. He usually plays a regular guy who has to rise above the situation about him and also keep his dignity. You deserve to put him best there through Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper and also Gregory Peck as males you can look increase to and respect for their craft.Anyway I totally recommend this. Since it"s take away so much time to release all six seasons you deserve to go back to the begining, after ~ you end up this set, and watch them v again while you wait for the movie to be released.