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Scrotum, in the masculine reproductive system, a thin external sac the skin the is separated into two compartments; each compartment contains one that the 2 testes, the glands that create sperm, and one the the epididymides, whereby the sperm is stored. The scrotum is a distinct anatomical feature of human beings and specific other varieties of land-dwelling mammals. The is constant with the skin of the lower abdomen and also is located directly behind the penis and also in prior of the anus. The scrotal wall is a thin layer of skin lined through smooth muscle tissue (dartos fascia). The skin contains an ext pigment than that of surrounding areas and has numerous sebaceous (oil-producing) glands and sweat glands, and also some hair. The two compartments of the scrotum are identified externally through a center ridge dubbed the raphe. Internally, the raphe connects to a muscular partition, the septum, which serves to division the scrotum right into its 2 areas.

The duty of the scrotum is to defend the testes and to keep them at a temperature numerous degrees listed below the normal body temperature. The scrotum for this reason protrudes from the human body wall: moreover, it contracts from cold, exercise, or sexual stimulation and also expands and also relaxes when warm. As soon as contracted, the conserves heat; while calm it is smooth and elongated, allow the circulation of air that results cooling. The fairly cool temperature that the scrotum is thought to be necessary for the manufacturing of viable sperm.

The scrotum is a bag of skin lying below the pubic symphysis and also just in front of the upper parts of the thighs. It contains the testes...

The muscle ton of the scrotum i do not care weakened and relaxed in larger men. In animals whose scrotum is constantly tight against the body, together in rats, boars, and stallions, the testes are cooled through the intricate blood system that surrounds them. Failure of the scrotum come cool the testes, i beg your pardon occurs during high fevers or, in some animals, during the warm summer months, causes temporary sterility.

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