♪ In a kingdom old and grand ♪♪ Elena ♪♪ A princess bravely rule the soil ♪♪ Elena ♪♪ through her family members by her side ♪♪ Elena ♪♪ It"s a wild and daring journey ♪♪ Elena ♪♪ Elena that Avalor ♪♪ myth and secret everywhere ♪♪ myth and secret everywhere ♪♪ faithful friends are always there ♪♪ faithful friends constantly there ♪♪ Magic shines native deep in ~ ♪♪ Magic shines from within ♪♪ allow her royal reign start ♪♪ Elena, Elena ♪♪ Elena that Avalor ♪

Come on, Elena. Hurry.

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What"s the rush, Isabel?

Hey, Mateo, what space you act here?

Isabel"s showing me the magic of science.

Okay, Mateo, carry out the globe thing.

So, together you know, this particular day there"s walk to be a complete solar eclipse. Mateo.

That"s as soon as the moon completely blocks the sun.

Now everyone at the festival will desire to watch the eclipse, yet looking directly at the sun hurts your eyes.

So I invented this.

Oh. It looks favor a telescope.

It was, however I rotate it right into a solar projector.


So we can safely watch the eclipse top top a wall.

There you every are.

Uh, it"s time to go to the park because that the Eclipse Festival.

What"s that?

It"s just picture of the sun. See?

Oh, good.

I can"t wait for the eclipse to be over.

Why? A complete solar eclipse only involves Avalor as soon as every 200 come 300 years.

We"re happy we obtain to watch it.

Not if Orizaba reflects up.

Who exactly is Orizaba?

Long ago, there was a moth fairy called Orizaba.

She lived in the shadows until, one day, she make the efforts to lug eternal darkness come Avalor.

A Maruvian wizard quit her and also sent her to the heart world.

But it is said she discovered a way to return to Avalor every solar eclipse for this reason she can fulfill her dark plans.

Armando, you room the finest storyteller in all of Avalor.

Come on. Let"s gain dressed because that the festival, Isabel.


It"s simply a story. We"ll it is in fine.


Now every I require is the royal scepter.

That"s so... Ow!


What to be that?

Zuzo! Zuzo!

Hey, princess.

Whoa! friend must"ve had some fiesta.

I didn"t have actually a party.

It was my scepter.

Oh, sure, reprimand the equipment.

Zuzo, a beam of irradiate shot the end of the scepter, and blasted the footstool.

Oh. I didn"t know it could do that.

Neither did I. That"s why I referred to as you.

All right, Zuzo is ~ above the job.

Now, tell me precisely what happened.

Okay. I picked up the scepter, and also it glowed, like it walk every time I pick it up, i m sorry is weird, by the way, "cause it never ever did that when my father was king.

And then, i tripped top top the footstool and, bam!

Hm. That"s it?

You didn"t leave any tiny small itty bitty information out?

Well, when I tripped ~ above the stool, I said "blazes."

Drop it, and step far from the scepter.

And do not to speak "blaze."

So why go it carry out that?

I don"t know.

Let"s see. The does look kind of Maruvian.

But it"s the scepter of Avalor.

Well, that is now, yet the kingdom that Maru was below long before Avalor, and also those Maruvians made a bunch of wonder objects.


Oh, yeah. So possibly your scepter is magical, too.

You recognize what? I"m gonna operation this by a couple of friends in the soul world.

Okay, I have actually some info.

That to be fast.

All right. It transforms out your scepter is definitely Maruvian.

So it"s magical?

No, no on the own.

The scepter is channeling the magic within you.

The magic you gained from being in the amulet therefore long.

Wait. You"re speak I have actually the strength to ruin things with a single word?

It"s lookin" the way.

But us don"t know specifically how the all works yet.

Now, I"m gonna shot and discover out, however until i do, i think it"s finest if girlfriend don"t touch the scepter again.

Sound good? Okay?

But I need it because that the Eclipse Festival.

Yeah, and what happens if you speak the not correct word, and the Eclipse Festival turns out choose your footstool?

Ooh. An excellent point. Yeah, mm-hmm.

Right? I"ll be back in 2 shakes that a heart tail.

Great. Of all the scepters in the world, I obtain the one the blasts things.

Why couldn"t it simply be sparkly?

The eclipse is nearly total.

Looks like it"s time to provide my speech.

My other Avalorans.

Princess Elena, friend forgot her scepter.

Oh, um... Thanks, Armando.

Okay, please don"t carry out anything bad.

My fellow Avalorans.

It has been 250 years...

Fifty-two years.

252 years because the last complete solar eclipse in Avalor.

So ns am honored to invest this once-in-a-lifetime occasion through you and also your families.

Like this torches, the spirit of Avalor always blaz... Um, constantly burns bright.

Hello, Avalor!

The one and also only Lady O. Is back.

What is that?

It"s... It"s... Orizaba!

That"s right.

Everyone"s favourite moth fairy has actually returned come make your darkest dreams come true.

She"s real?!

You bet I"m real.

Stay far from my sister.

And who space you, dearie?

Elena Castillo Flores.

I"m the crown princess.

Well, Elena Castillo Flores, say thanks to you for throwing me this fabulous party.

Although I should say, it"s the the very least you deserve to do due to the fact that I am about to offer you the greatest gift the all.

The gift that eternal night!

♪ I"ve been wait so long to return ♪♪ come this land of mine ♪♪ I"ve been trapped in the spirit human being ♪♪ required to bide mine time ♪♪ yet I"ve went back to rescue anyone ♪♪ native the blistering warm of the destructive sun ♪♪ No much more glare getting in her eye ♪♪ No much more sunburns to make you cry ♪♪ You are going to have actually it make ♪♪ as soon as you live in eternal shade ♪♪ You"ll view twilight can"t it is in beat ♪♪ just watch out as soon as you overcome the street ♪♪ It will certainly be a dusky delight ♪♪ as soon as I give you the gift that night ♪♪ The gift the night ♪

What perform you mean, provide us the gift of night?

There is a wonder jewel.

The Eye that Midnight.

Those pesky Maruvians hid it from me in among their temples.

Last visit, ns couldn"t discover it, yet I will certainly this time.

And once I location the jewel atop the sun stone...

♪ You have the right to walk ~ above the beach all day ♪♪ your ice cream won"t also melt away ♪♪ No warm sand there to scorch your feet ♪♪ You room in for the coolest law ♪♪ This long daymare will certainly finally end ♪♪ let the nighttime become your girlfriend ♪♪ You"ll say thanks to me with all of your could ♪♪ as soon as I provide you the gift the night ♪♪ The gift of night ♪♪ No, the future"s no bright ♪♪ Oh, but that is all best ♪♪ for this reason you"ve gained to organize tight ♪♪ and I"ll provide you the gift ♪♪ the night ♪

Sit tight, dearies, and wait for the midnight marvel come begin.

Okay. Everything"s going to be all right.

There"s no have to panic.

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Run for your lives!


What else perform you know about Orizaba?

Is over there any means to protect against her?

The story claims if she can"t discover the jewel prior to the eclipse ends, she goes back to the soul world.