In a DNA double helix an adenine of one strand always pairs with a(n) _____ of the safety strand, and a guanine of one strand always pairs with a(n) _____ that the safety strand.

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thymine … cytosine

After DNA replication is completed, _____.

each new DNA double helix is composed of one old DNA strand and also one new DNA strand

The an initial step in the replication of DNA is catalyzed by _____.


The action of helicase create _____

replication forks and also replication bubbles

Why is the new DNA strand complementary come the 3′ come 5′ strands assembled in brief segments?

DNA polymerase deserve to assemble DNA just in the 5′ come 3′ direction

The synthesis of a brand-new strand starts with the synthetic of a(n) _____.

RNA primer complementary to a preexisting DNA strand

An old DNA strand is offered as a _____ for the assembly of a new DNA strand.


Short segment of recently synthesized DNA space joined into a continuous strand by _____.


Which of these is responsible for catalyzing the development of one RNA primer?

Primase catalyzes the formation of one RNA primer.

Okazaki Fragments

are the quick sections that DNA that are synthesized on the lagging strand the the replicating DNA

The new DNA strand that grows repeatedly in the 5′ come 3′ direction is dubbed the _____.

leading strand

During DNA replication, an open up section of DNA, in which a DNA polymerase deserve to replicate DNA, is referred to as the _____.

replication fork

The enzyme that deserve to replicate DNA is called _____.

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DNA polymerase

After replication is complete, the brand-new DNAs, called _____, are similar to each other.

Daughter DNA

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