The Ku Klux Klan was established in 1866 and also was dedicated to maintaining white supremacy, frequently employing terror tactics and violence, consisting of lynching african Americans and others who sustained racial equality. Thomas Nast to be a cartoonist for Harper’s Weekly depicted Newspaper, i beg your pardon was published in new York City.

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A legal quick for Ida B. Well lawsuit versus Chesapeake, Ohio, and Southwestern Railroad company before the state supreme Court, 1885.


The cover page for Southern Horrors: Lynch regulation In every Its Phases (1892), the very first pamphlet by Ida B. Wells devoted to exposing lynching.

The cover web page for A Red Record: Tabulated Statistics and also Alleged causes of Lynchings in the joined States, 1892-1893-1894 by Ida B. Wells.
An illustration v portraits of african American leaders, including Ida B. Wells-Barnett, ca. 1900.
A politics cartoon by cutting board Nast titled “The Union as it Was,” published in Harper’s Weekly October 24, 1874.
Lynching announcements from New olions States and Jackson day-to-day News reproduced in The Crisis, respectable 1919.
(Warning: graphic material) A photo showing the consequences of a windy lynching in Columbus, Georgia, June 1, 1896.
An address about Ida B. Good speaking tourism in England, adopted by a group of afri American citizens in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1894.
A letter from A. M. Middlebrook to Albion Tourgée about a lynching come be held in pine Bluff, Arkansas, Sept. 28, 1894.
The arrival to The Tragedy of Lynching, produced by the the supervisory board on Interracial Cooperation, 1933.

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