Art"s sector barrows $25,000 for 3 years in ~ 8 percent. Payments are quarterly. I m sorry of these inputs correctly computes the

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Answer: A. N = 12; 1 = 8/4; PV = 25,000; FV = 0; CPT PMT


A is the correct choice because,

N = 12

The period is 3 years however the payments are quaterly therefore the actual period is;

= 3 year * 4

= 12 quarters/ periods.

I = 8/4

The interest rate is 8% yet this is proclaimed as a Yearly value which requirements to be changed to a quarterly worth by separating it through 4.

PV = 25,000

The present Value the the loan is $25,000 since this is the amount that Art"s market was offered in the present.

When all of this is inputted into the calculator, the answer will be; PMT = $2,363.99.

Farmers and also ranchers are taken into consideration to be component of the ________ i beg your pardon is the subdivision the the food industry that produces agric

Answer: producer sector


Farmers, rancher, and also so top top are component of the producer sector of the food market where they connect in the production of raw food, fiber, and other farming products or commodities. In the situation of farmers, they work-related the soil and/or store livestock, particularly on the farm. Ranchers operate big plots of floor for raising cattle, lamb or various other livestock.

other major sectors that the food industry would include: -Farm Service, Processors, and also Marketers.

Lucas, one HR manager, has actually been assigned the job of creating a maintain and development program because that his firm"s employees. Accord

Answer: a. Conduct a requirements analysis

Explanation: according to the ADDIE training process model, conducting a needs evaluation is the first step the Lucas need to take. Addie is an acronym because that the five stages of an instructional development process: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and also Evaluation. It gives a streamlined, focused technique that provides feedback for continuous improvement. That is traditionally supplied by instructional designers and also training developer as component of your online, offline and also blended cultivate sessions.

Conducting a needs analysis involves analyzing the current case in state of previous training, expertise gaps, what worked and what did not work-related etc. By asking a variety of questions and to likewise understand what the goal of the maintain is. This come a an excellent extent impacts the lot of decision that would certainly be made later in the process.

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Arley’s Bakery renders fat-free cookies that price $1.50 each. Arley expects 15% that the cookie to autumn apart and also be discarded. Arl

Arley must price every cookie $ 2.56