The city that Warner Robins lies in central Georgia, the southern suggest of an imagine triangle formed with Atlanta come the north and Augusta come the east.

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While located in the state’s plateau region, Warner Robins is less than 150 miles from both the mountains and also the Atlantic Ocean.

The city is even close come the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, just 100 miles north, and the yes, really rural vistas the peanut farms and endless cornfields often associated with the US south in the famous imagination.

When that was started in 1942, Warner Robins to be a rural ar called Wellston the was little more than an isolated halt top top the rail line.

Renamed v the come of the us Air Force, the military continues to beat a key role in the city’s economy and lifestyle, which has actually been recognized as among the finest in the state.

Here are the finest things to carry out in Warner Robins, Georgia:

1. Museum the Aviation

Source: HawkeyeUK / Flickr | CC BY-SAMuseum the Aviation

You’ll find the Museum the Aviation top top the east edge of incorporated Warner Robins. That is the 2nd largest museum committed to aerospace operation by the united state Air Force, and welcomes much more visitors than any type of other attraction in Georgia external of Atlanta.

Spanning four exhibition buildings and also a complete of 21 hectares, the museum contains 85 aircraft from right across aviation’s very first hundred years.

Some the the museum’s most iconic vehicles include B-29 and B-52 bombers, a U-2 spy plane, and the uniquely-shaped Cold war veteran the Blackbird.

The example on display screen is the document holder because that the faster flight airspeed, of simply over 900 miles every hour. Set in 1976, the a document that’s however to be broken.

2. Rigby’s Water World and Entertainment Complex

Source: Rigby’s Water civilization / FacebookRigby’s Water World and Entertainment Complex

Still big at almost fifty percent the size of the Museum the Aviation is Rigby’s Water human being theme park.

One of the largest water parks in Georgia as a result, it boasts roughly 20 slide-based rides and a additional 40 added water activities, consisting of a big water bucket and popular Runaway Rapids, where visitors ride tube ‘downriver’.

In addition, there’s a good-sized adult swim pool, and also cabanas for up to eight which can be rented by the day.

In the same place you’ll also find Rigby’s to chat Complex, which duplicates the attractions that a timeless amusement arcade, with gamings machines, laser tag, roller skating and mini-golf housed here.

3. Historic Depot Row

Source: Warner Robins Convention & Visitors" office / FacebookElberta Depot

This National historic Site comprises four different buildings that began life together a rail depot through segregated passenger wait rooms.

Today it dwellings a collection of spaces that will enthrall anyone v an interest in the region’s history. Fittingly, one of the main exhibits is a southerly Railroad caboose – or rail car.

Mildred’s County keep is jam-packed with regional antiques date from each of the city’s seven decades.

The Elberta Depot has a tiny museum providing the detail behind these objects, with screens featuring the bear of the city, rail lines, and also links with the air force base.

The Georgia Artisan center is the place to head for all your distinctive Georgia-made souvenirs.

4. Worldwide City Golf Club

Source: Mikael Damkier / shutterstockGolf

Offering a control range, pro-shop, and public 18-hole golf course, this club offers day ticketing because that anyone who fancies practicing your swing in ~ the great outdoors roughly Warner Robins.

Opened in 1958, its key course was designed by Lou Burnett, and blends effortlessly through the area’s tree cover. Water also plays a far-reaching role top top this par 72 course, and also can be discovered in one method or one more on 6 of the holes.

As an indication of the sort of playing skill you’ll need, the club states its easiest hole is feet 18, a par 5 hole of 460 yards.

5. Small Theatre

Source: Andrey_Kuzmin / shutterstockTheatre

The Warner Robin’s small Theatre is a neighborhood theater that has actually been placing on reflects just about as long as Warner Robins has been in existence.

Its little band that passionate amateurs and also professionals manage to put on five main reflects each season, and a series of workshops and also special events.

Its programme shifts from serious dramas come musicals and comedies.

6. Ocmulgee mounds National historical Park

Source: AustinMSmith / shutterstockOcmulgee piles National historic Park

Ocmulgee Mounds is just one of the best places to undercover the sometimes-hidden history of the region’s aboriginal Americans, that were forced from their ancestral lands in the 1800s.

Covering an ext than 17,000 years of the south Appalachian Mississippi culture, the most far-ranging remains date ago around 1,000 years.

Grass earthworks shape the landscape into a collection of defenses trenches, funeral mounds, ceremonial mounds, and also even a an excellent Temple complex.

A wooden staircase leads to the summit that the good Temple mound, offering views throughout the site and the bordering woodland.

The park is located roughly 30 minutes phibìc of Warner Robins, top top the outskirts of Macon.

7. Tybee Island

Source: Sean Pavone / shutterstockTybee Island Lighthouse

Georgia has about 111 mile of Atlantic coastline, and while it can not be recognized for that beaches external of the united States, it should be remembered the Georgia is just north that Florida.

Tybee Island is among 15 barrier islands that period this stretch the coast. A homely beach side destination, the island has actually an virtually unbelievable beach, stretching long and wide with clean pale sands lapped through warm and also gentle waves.

Elsewhere, travellers can check out the black and white lighthouse, that dates to 1736, and its museum, and also the historic fort Screven.

Tybee Island can be got to in three hrs by heading west along Interstate 16.

8. Worldwide City farmer Market

Source: Arina p Habich / shutterstockFarmers Market

Warner Robins holds its ‘international city’ nickname because of its ethnic diversity, and also has to be Georgia’s official international city since 1968.

Some of this diversity can be found from the approach of peoples’ stomachs at its weekly farmers’ market. It pops up every Thursday afternoon at the edge of Maple Street and also Watson Boulevard.

In addition to a variety of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, dependent on the season, the industry has end up being a an excellent place come sample the menus of countless of the city’s little food businesses. You can often additionally find small artisan item such as bath bombs.

9. War-Town escape Artists

Source: graletta / shutterstockEscape Room

Nothing to do with creative talent (that comes with later on things to execute in Warner Robins), War-Town escape Artists sell a collection of to escape rooms to which you can test your code breaking skills.

You have an hour to effort to obtain out that a locked room, using the series of clues you – hope – unearth to lead you on her way.

However, should you require a little help, a games master will enter the room v you and also be ~ above hand. If successful, you deserve to compare friend time come those top top the leader board.

10. Fine arts Society

Source: The Canopy in ~ Warner Robins / FacebookFine art Society

Downtown Warner Robins is the residence of the fine Art society of middle Georgia. Visitors room welcome to discover the little gallery space, and also maybe also pick up a brand-new piece for a wall at home.

The culture also offers continual classes, for everyone from beginners and also children come semi-professionals.

A comparable experience in a slightly much less formal atmosphere can be had at Lush Art, following door come the War-Town escape Artists.

Meanwhile, The Painted Door likewise hosts sessions in which girlfriend can produce your an extremely own masterpiece, before or after viewing the artworks for sale the hang indigenous its walls.

11. Tubman Museum

Source: Doug Nurnberger / shutterstockTubman Museum

This museum is named after influential African-American Harriet Tubman, who portrait will be uncovered on more recent $20 bills. An escaped slave, she became critical player in the Underground rail which assisted slaves to escape the southerly states.

The museum is the top exhibition an are for African-American art and society in the south-east of the US, v a arsenal that arrays from historic artifacts to modern-day sculpture and also artwork.

Its walls room covered with a 17-metre mural the depicts the trip of African-American ancestors indigenous Africa to the new World. Exhibits incorporate those concentrating on the life of George Washington Carver, an important agricultural scientist in the early twentieth century.

The Tubman Museum is in Macon.

12. Wellston Trail

Source: Lizbeth Burgos / FacebookWellston Trail

The Wellston trail is a quick walking and also jogging route through central Warner Robins. The eastern end lies in ~ Fountain Park, prior to following the course of just Gall Creek.

Flat and also paved, it’s perfect for every the family, and also is among a number of walking trails in the area.

Passing through shaded woodland for the very first half that its length, Wellston Trail climate enters friendly residential neighborhoods, providing an idea that how world in this component of Georgia live.

If you’d prefer to stretch her legs a tiny more, take into consideration the six-kilometre Hitchiti Loop follow in Gray, soaking up the Ocmulgee flow and good bird-watching territory.

Gray is 31 mile from Warner Robins.

13. Young name Luther King Jr. National historic Park

Source: alisafarov / shutterstockChildhood home of martin Luther King Jr.

Although that is called a park, this site consists of a collection of structures in Atlanta that relate come the life of martin Luther King Jr, among the leading numbers in the civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

These include his childhood home, and also the Ebenezer Baptist Church whereby he to be christened together a baby.

For anyone who lacks a little knowledge around the Civil civil liberties movement, there’s a visitant center and also museum that charts that is development, and also the duty of young name Luther King in ~ it.

Visitors can also pay their respects to King, who was assassinated in 1968, at his grave. The state funding of Georgia, Atlanta lies just over 90 miles north of Warner Robins.

14. Walker’s Pond

Source: Sandi Podskoc / FacebookWalker’s Pond

Open to the public for simply a few years, Walker’s Pond offered to it is in the personal property the the Walker family members – for this reason its name.

The pond is large enough to have actually rafts of vegetation floating throughout its surface, and also is surrounded by trees, making the a an excellent place because that a relaxing couple of hours.

A short one-kilometre course rings the pond, which has been a haven for aboriginal plant and also animal species for decades.

15. Panola mountain State Park

Source: whiskerhead / shutterstockPanola hill State Park

Panola hill is a granite outcrop usual of the region. The is close come Stockbridge, one hour and also a fifty percent north that Warner Robins.

A pristine wilderness, that is said to have changed small since the come of europe on north American shores.

Forest trails expectations the park because that those looking to gain use out of your hiking boots, while led trails room also available for cyclists.

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Other activities within the park encompass archery, orienteering, and also fishing in Lake Alexander.