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American presidents have often had a roller coaster partnership with the media, by turns adversarial or cozy, depending on the events of the time and also the characters of those in office.John Adams, the 2nd president that the U.S., signed the Sedition plot of 1798, making it illegal come publish criticism the the medtox.orgvernment. The act to be repealed a brief time later on when thomas Jefferson took office in 1800.

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John Adams


American presidents have frequently had a roller coaster partnership with the media, by turns adversarial or cozy, depending upon the occasions of the time and also the characters of those in office.John Adams, the second president of the U.S., signed the Sedition act of 1798, making that illegal come publish criticism the the medtox.orgvernment. The act was repealed a quick time later on when cutting board Jefferson take it office in 1800.

Abraham Lincoln


This 1862 politics cartoon, released in a brother humor and also satire magazine dubbed "Punch," depicts president Lincoln together a bartender through bottles labeling "Bunkum," "Bosh," and also "Brag," pouring a concoction labelled "The brand-new York Press" from the glass the "Victory" come "Defeat."According to the publication "Lincoln and also the strength of the Press: The battle for windy Opinion," Lincoln is often considered the an initial manipulator of the press. He was the only sitting chairman to create a letter come the editor the a newspaper.

Ulysses S. Provide


This 1876 cartoon mirrors President Ulysses S. Approve struggling in ~ the burdens of corruption and also scandal i m sorry beset his medtox.orgvernment while being pursued by the hounds the the press.Grant, seared by the revelation that corruption in his administration, claimed in the closeup of the door of his second inaugural attend to that from the time of his first campaign in 1868 he had "been the topic of abuse and slander scarcely ever equaled in politics history."

Grover Cleveland


A political cartoon shows President Grover Cleveland holding papers labeled "National Honor and Credit" behind his earlier as he faces a team of newspaper editors and legislators caricatured as animals with the U.S. Capitol in the background.Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th chairman of the U.S., was well-known for being hostile to the press. In his day, journalists didn"t even have room to work in the White House. They were required to stand exterior in all kinds of weather, hope to buttonhole tourists as they entered or departed.

Theodore Roosevelt


President Theodore Roosevelt clenches his this as he makes a point during one interview with journalists in 1905."The liar," Roosevelt stated of the media, "is no whit much better than the thief, and also if his mendacity take it the type of slander he may be worse than many thieves." the contemptuously referred to as journalists "muckrakers."
Members of the media job-related from a stand throughout Woodrow Wilson"s inauguration in Washington on march 4, 1913.Wilson organized the first press conference in the Oval Office of the White residence on in march 15, 1913, through 100 reporters. At his 2nd press conference, the president said, "a big part the the success of public affairs counts upon the newspapermen."
President Franklin D. Roosevelt jovially chats with reporters under the trees of the family picnic grounds v a kettle of warm dogs on the table in Hyde Park, N.Y. ~ above Sept. 11, 1935.Press conferences became less formal through Roosevelt. In ~ ease with the push -- he preserved that he was a reporter himself, explain the condition by virtue of having served ~ above the Harvard Crimson as an undergraduate -- Roosevelt had an ext press conferences than any type of other president, a total of 1,023.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses the nation over the radio during one that his fireside chats. Before television was invented, around 90 percent the American households owned a radio and Roosevelt was able to speak intimately to people all over the United states using this kind of fixed media.
Victorious presidential candidate bother S. Truman holds increase a everyday Tribune with the title "DEWEY defeats TRUMAN," i m sorry overconfident editors had rushed to publish on the night of the election, Nov. 3, 1948.Truman described some journalists as "prostitutes the the mind" in a letter to his friend Dean Acheson. That continued, " have been the great menace to free medtox.orgvernment since cost-free speech and freedom of the press was very first inaugurated."
Presidential candidate Richard Nixon speaks during a televised conflict with democratic candidate john F. Kennedy.The Kennedy-Nixon dispute on Sept. 26, 1960, was the first-ever televised presidential controversy in U.S. Background and would be prominent in securing Kennedy"s win. Television and the scrutiny that brought readjusted American politics forever. To TV viewers, Nixon showed up sickly and also sweaty, while Kennedy showed up calm and also confident. Those who only listened come the conflict on the radio provided Nixon the win.
President john F. Kennedy is framed by television cameras in ~ the White home while expose a seven-step regime to halt the Soviet military buildup in Cuba come the public, Oct. 22, 1962.The telegenic Kennedy to be the first president to host live TV news conferences. He combated with the media end the require for secrecy in international policy, however stated that, "Even despite we never like it, and even though we wish they didn"t create it, and even though we disapprove, over there isn"t any type of doubt that we could not do the task at every in a totally free society without a very, really active press."
President Richard Nixon points come a reporter throughout a push conference top top Dec. 10, 1970.Nixon had a contemptuous relationship with the media even to the allude of telling his aides, "Never forget, the push is the enemy. The push is the enemy. The press is the enemy. The establishment is the enemy. The professors space the enemy. Professors are the enemy. Create that on the blackboard 100 times and never forget it."
Washington post reporters Bob Woodward and also Carl Bernstein, that investigated the Watergate story, are pictured in the newsroom ~ above April 29, 1973.When the post exposed the connection between a break-in in ~ the autonomous National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office building in Washington and also the Nixon re-election committee, the Nixon administration and its pendant accused the media of do "wild accusations," placing too much emphasis on the story and also of having actually a liberal bias. The scandal and subsequent impeachment proceedings ultimately lead to Nixon"s resignation.
President Gerald Ford is aided to his feet after he slipped and fell together he to be deplaning Air pressure One top top June 1, 1975, when visiting Austria.The Washington article ran an image of the occurrence on its prior page together with a story that said "the fall summarized the journey. Stumble, fumble, tumble and jumble." Ford wrote in his autobiography, "From that moment on, every time i stumbled or bumped mine head or dropped in the snow, reporters zeroed in on the to the exemption of almost everything else. The news coverage was harmful." The previous star athlete was forever recognized as a klutz.
President James Earl "Jimmy" Carter greets the push with speak of the home Thomas Phillip "Tip" O"Neill.Carter"s former speechwriter, James Fallows, said that the president did no devote much emphasis to the press, and also that "it would certainly not happen to questioning "Well what"s the command medtox.orging come be around this."" In both 1978 and 1980, Carter skipped the yearly White residence Correspondents" Dinner.
President Ronald Reagan laughs v White house Press Secretary Larry Speakes and Counselor David Gergen after ~ a push conference in the Oval Office in 1983.Ben Bradlee, the executive, management editor that the Washington short article from 1968 come 1991, said "We have been kinder to chairman Reagan than any type of President because I"ve been at the Post," in one interview with the country in June 2004. Despite the Iran–Contra scandal, Reagan was taken into consideration the media"s favorite president because of his "sunny disposition." no everyone agreed. The brand-new York Times referred to as him the understand of evasion.
President George H.W. Bush, after attending palm Sunday services at St. John"s Episcopal Church, quit the motorcade at the southern gate to the White residence so that could inspect if the tennis courts to be still wet native a rain shower. The then made decision to ride the rest of the means back to the White residence in the press pool van through the photographers and also reporters top top April 12, 1992.Unlike Reagan, shrub rarely appeared at push conferences or spoke straight to the media.
Monica Lewinsky embraces President invoice Clinton in ~ a democratic fundraiser in Washington ~ above Oct. 23, 1996.Clinton came to be the second president in history to it is in impeached through the residence of representatives after his extramarital affair v White house intern Monica Lewinsky to be uncovered. In ~ a push conference addressing the scandal on Jan. 26, 1998, Clinton famously responded to the allegations stating, "I walk not have sexual relationships with the woman." The scandal developed in the era that 24-hour news channels and the increase of Fox News, The Huffington Post and the Drudge Report.
President shrub gives a thumbs-up after declaring "major combat operations in Iraq have actually ended," aboard the plane carrier USS Abraham Lincoln turn off the California shore on may 1, 2003. The photograph op through the now well known "Mission Accomplished" banner backfired and also came to signify the mistakes of his administration.Bush often struggled through push conferences, holding only seven his an initial two years contrasted to Clinton"s 29 and Obama"s 21.

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President Barack Obama presents surprised birthday cupcakes to veteran correspondent Helen cutting board in the White house briefing room ~ above Aug. 4, 2009. The two shared a birthday.Obama has been called the "first social-media president" for his early use of Twitter and Facebook in his campaign, taking his instance directly to the public. His partnership with the media was frequently antamedtox.orgnistic with insurance claims the press had restricted access to the him and also criticism of aggressive campaigns versus intelligence leaks. Obama openly to express disdain for Fox News.
President Donald Trump speaks to the press aboard Air pressure One prior to addressing a rally in Melbourne, Fla., top top Feb. 18, 2017.During Trump"s presidential run he routinely used the ax "fake news" and attacked the "liberal media" because that what he believed was negative coverage of his campaign. Together president, trump has onmedtox.orging his attacks on the media including barring particular members the the push from news conferences and also tweeting ~ above Feb. 17, 2017, "The FAKE NEWS media (failing
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