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This article Was made By X Gang describes a collection of satirical photo macros that room stylized to make them show up as if they space sponsored by a specific organization, commonly a fictitious one. Images of this meme have tendency to feature picture macro explicate one thing in a an adverse light in affect font, attach by a watermark or brand that is an image macro for a "gang" centered around things related come the image"s subject. Some images of this kind are topic to deep frying.


The trend began on 8chan in the /leftypol/ board in between communist shitposters that masqueraded as the Nazbol (National Bolshevik) Gang in assorted threads, performing acts of ironic shitposting through both text and also images. Nazbol Gang photo macros frequently involve exaggerated or surreal facets that reflect assorted themes such together supernaturalism, toughness in brotherhood, and denouncing Jews, the bourgeoisie, or the Jewish bourgeoisie. Figures regularly featured in Nazbol Gang image macros encompass Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, and Jason Unruhe. Nazbol corridor related articles on /leftypol/ date earlier to beforehand 2016, through it gift referenced in 4chan archives as early as November 2016<1>.

The following video clip slice is a brief explanation of National Bolshevism and also its presence online:

Two examples of Nazbol Gang image macros are shown below:


In early 2017, leftypol/ YouTube contents creator Bat"ko published a /leftypol/ Choir music video clip about Nazbol title "NAZBOL PARTY" (the original video was taken under by YouTube but mirrors have sprung up throughout the website to replace it).

Outside that /leftypol/, nationwide Bolshevism is featured in plenty of video-based mim on YouTube. Remarkable videos include:

Fuera Sionista | Nazbol corridor Anime opening | Tyrone introduce the Nazbol Gang


One the the first groups come popularize this tendency was corridor Weed. The team centered roughly making ironic picture macros including Heath Ledger"s The Joker (shown below), the battles of gift a gamer in society, and revolt. Corridor Weed memes commonly involve a watermark special The Joker and at the very least one of the other aformentioned elements. Many Gang Weed-ers originated from /leftypol/, which defines why the signature catchphrase "Gamers increase Up" and other an essential features of gang Weed regularly embody a revolutionary tone.


The trend saw more spread v the popular of the M14 gang, an ironic team of shitposters that make picture macros heaping hyperbolic worship on the M14 total in Call that Duty black Ops. The team originated as a facebook page<1> which introduced on September 13th, 2018.


The group saw a surging in attention after the was discussed by PewDiePie on September 25th, 2018 in a "Meme Review" illustration on his channel that additionally covered Bowsette and also Bongo Cat. The video clip gained over 3.7 million views (shown below). After ~ the video clip was posted, the facebook page acquired many new members, and has end 12,000 likes as of October 3rd, 2018.

The popularity of teams like this and also Nazbol Gang caused parodies top top subreddits choose /r/dankmemes and also /r/me_irl in October that 2018, where customers posted mim against particular items and also invented their very own "gang" to watermark their short articles with. For example, one October 22nd write-up by user stuntmanboi666 gained over 8,800 clues (shown below, left). An additional post through RealShooterMcGavin got over 23,000 clues (shown below, right).

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<1> 4chan – leftypol

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