This component of paint has actually traditionally to be extracted from minerals, soils, vegetable matter, and also animal by-products.

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Tempera lends itself to high ______ because it is usually used with a brush in short, think strokes.
The earliest instances of fresco, discovered at the palace of Knossos on the Mediterranean island that _______, date to c.1600-1500 bce.
This paint binder is a by-product of flax production and very first came into typical use throughout the late center Ages and also the north Renaissance.
The Renaissance artist and writer Giorgio Vasari attributed this Flemish painter v the invention of oil paint.
The transparency of oil paint enables a painter to usage a procedure called glazing in bespeak to include high degree of ______ to a painting.
Californian artist Joan Brown provided this painting technique, created applying thick class of paint to a surface.
_______ can create many different effects, depending upon how the is applied. Chinese-born artist Hung Liu utilized these characteristics to separate reality and the right in her work-related Interregnum.
Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi offered this tool for she Allegory the Painting, a me portrait the the artist through a repaint brush in hand.
This Japanese-American artist used acrylic paint to to express the relationship between American and also Japanese cultures.
This painting medium is transparent, used to a paper surface, and has a gum arabic binder (the French version provides honey).
This German artist’s naturalistic relenten of Hare was developed using a mix of watercolor and also gouache highlighting.
This medium is made of pigment suspended in water so that it adheres come the fibers of document to which that is frequently applied. Typically there is a tiny amount that gum arabic in this medium, and it most often uses only black pigment.
This Japaneses artist exploited the rich, dark worth of ink paint to capture the characters of a river by moonlight.
This painting method was used by prehistoric cavern painters that Lascaux, France, and also is still used by contemporary graffiti artists.
This tag artist began out producing graffiti arts in brand-new York City subway cars prior to producing museum works like Aeroplane I.

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We have found paintings at Lascaux in France that have been make by artists dating back ______ years.
the dimension of an item or artwork loved one to one more object or artwork, or to a system of measurement
European artistic and also architectural format of the late sixteenth to early eighteenth centuries, characterized by extravagance and also emotional intensity
a book produced by an artist, commonly an expensive restricted edition, frequently using specialized printing processes
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