Hyderabad news: The unique Operations Team (SOT) sleuths of Madhapur arrested seven people for your alleged authorized in cricket betting on a T20 civilization Cup match and also recovered Rs 15 lakh from the spot.

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The boy accused was presented prior to the Child defense Officer (CPO) and also later handed end to his family, as the punishment for the crime is much less than seven years.

Hyderabad: Burglars acquire entry into locked house, decamp through valuables precious Rs 3.2 lakh; situation lodged
Hyderabad News: The victim"s household had change to his grandmother"s house in Moghulpura and had locked the house where the robbery took place.

Hyderabad News: The milk vendor came come to know around his wife"s illicit partnership with Fareed and even warned her to remain away native him

Hyderabad news: initial probe revealed that the suspects were making prepare to transfer 54-kilogram ganja in ~ the Secunderabad railway station.

After the delivery was sealed, a Special procedure Team (SOT) the the Rachakonda Police have arrested 2 inter-state drug peddlers that were established as Kishna Ram and Lumbaram Solanki. Both space 24 years old and are natives that Rajasthan.
A guy in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, allegedly assaulted his relative with a sickle ~ a dispute over Rs 6 lakh.
Red gram or arhar (tur) dal, which is vital commodity for Indian homes, now price Rs 109 as contrasted to Rs 97 of critical year’s rates.
Hyderabad News: as result of the climbing prices the fuel, the transport sector had a domino effect, which has actually led to this colossal increase of family members goods in the city.
Hyderabad news: It was on Thursday evening once the parents of the missing child approached the cops and also lodged a missing complaint.
Hyderabad Police claimed the young may have scaled the rear wall of his apartment come swim in the water and drowned.
Two separate events of rape including one that a 4-year-old girl rocked Telangana funding Hyderabad in the critical one week. The accused in the an initial case has actually been arrested.
Hyderabad news: as per the cops, the accused take it this action owing to personal enmity and also a instance has to be registered in this regard.

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Hyderabad news: In a counseling session for noise pollution, the Hyderabad police team advised car spare components dealers and mechanics to not modify silencers in the bikes.
A 19-year-old girl and also her lover allegedly strangled her mom to fatality as she go not approve of their relationship.
Two males in Visakhapatnam were arrested for allegedly transferring 300 kilograms of ganja in a vehicle.
Hyderabad news: The accused after the preliminary investigation was handed over to the customs department for a thorough probe. 
Hyderabad: 3 men entice woman guard come isolated place, sexually assault and rob her of cash & valuables
Hyderabad News: The incident took place when the victim was heading to the toddy link at Attapur come buy part toddy.
This year also, most of the devotees in Hyderabad preferred to memory Saddula Bathukamma in their localities instead of walking to regional water body in check out of COVID-19 concerns.
Hyderabad news: according to the pet welfare activists pets dogs need has eight in the recent previous that has actually led to a increase in dog kidnapping.