1 : the formal examination prior to a proficient tribunal of the issue in concern in a civil or criminal cause in bespeak to identify such problem

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4 : a check of faith, patience, or stamina with subjection to experiencing or temptation extensively : a source of vexation or annoyance

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Synonyms: Noun


Synonyms: Adjective

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Noun the did not acquire a fair trial. the testified at the trial. She is awaiting trial on dues of assault. early trials have displayed that the treatment has actually some major side effects. Recovering from her injury to be a actual trial that strength. I know I to be a bit of a trial to my parents when I to be a teenager. Cold winters have the right to be a trial because that older people. Adjective trial usage of the product If you choose to usage the software beyond the 30-day totally free trial period, you are compelled to pay because that it.

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Recent instances on the Web: Noun Top regional runners: Everett Hackett the West Hartford is one Olympic marathon trial qualifier and Alex Norstrom, a central Connecticut graduate, is to run his an initial marathon and is shooting because that a sub-2:20 time. — Lori Riley, courant.com, 7 Oct. 2021 Regulators end the summer asked for the trial size come be expanded to 3,000 children. — New York Times, 7 Oct. 2021 In 2007, Merck exposed a 3,000-person HIV vaccine trial after signs the shots made part people much more likely to acquire infected. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 7 Oct. 2021 five to 11 year-olds did too on the vaccine as older teens and young adults, the carriers said in a late September submit of trial data to the FDA. — Graison Dangor, Forbes, 7 Oct. 2021 Parson, a Republican, quote rulings by state trial courts, the Missouri can be fried Court, a federal court that appeals and the U.S. Can be fried Court. — Eric Ferkenhoff, USA TODAY, 7 Oct. 2021 hrs of deliberations in Tyler Newby"s killing trial ended in a mistrial overnight ~ members the the jury could not agree on a verdict, follow to court staff. — Johnny Magdaleno, The Indianapolis Star, 7 Oct. 2021 democratic Justice Jennifer Brunner, the lone dissenter in the case, composed that the psychological court should organize a hearing about whether Lawson is skilled to was standing trial before deciding even if it is to impose a fatality sentence. — Jeremy Pelzer, cleveland, 7 Oct. 2021 The Food and Drug management had previously scheduled an advisory committee conference to testimonial clinical-trial data on the pediatric vaccine for Oct. 26. — Robert Langreth, Fortune, 7 Oct. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Adjective The pre-trial hearings are as result of resume after ~ a year and also a half pause brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and personnel changes. — Ellie Kaufman, CNN, 6 Sep. 2021 Lacy predicts lawyers will inquiry whether police and prosecutors turned end all evidence in instances pre-trial hearings and also post-conviction appeals. — Kelli Smith, Dallas News, 23 Aug. 2021 The bulk of pre-trial hearings have been moved earlier online, a push that came from lawyers who found remote hearings preferable v or there is no a pandemic. — Rafael Olmeda, sun-sentinel.com, 14 Aug. 2021 Pre-trial hearings because that members of the Bellar family are booked throughout July and also into August, follow to court records. — Quinlan Bentley, The Enquirer, 1 July 2021 currently there are typically in between 275 and 325 remote hearings per day — that includes other kinds of pre-trial hearings such as standing conferences, readiness hearings — and also of those, there are roughly between 45 and 70 arraignments daily. — Greg Moran, San Diego Union-Tribune, 31 Mar. 2021 In states favor Ohio, some counties room holding criminal pre-trial hearings through telephone and lowering the price of bonds. — Gabrielle A. Perry, refinery29.com, 18 Feb. 2021 Journalist teams on Thursday demanded the authorities provide urgent hospital care to a leading journalist that has remained in pre-trial detention. — Yuras Karmanau, Star Tribune, 30 July 2021 critical September MCC, which homes primarily pre-trial defendants, had one of the largest COVID outbreaks in the federal detention system, with nearly 200 situations at one point. — Greg Moran, San Diego Union-Tribune, 25 Aug. 2021

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