An photo spreading online shows up to display a load of Trojan condoms that room advertised as “pre-owned”.

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The packaging attributes slogans such as “just choose new” and also “re-lubricated.”

So this what
NoMercyHarlem) February 16, 2020

However the photo isn’t real. It’s a “photoshop” job, and also Trojan has no such product ~ above the market. While plenty of shared the image as a joke, given the variety of questions the Trojan Brand prophylactics Twitter team have had actually to field around the image, that appears much more than simply a couple of people found the photo plausible sufficient to perhaps be a actual product.

But remainder assured, that is not. The Trojan Brand condoms team have proclaimed that the image shows “pretty kind Photoshop skills” but it no a actual product.

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In fact much more eagle-eyed viewers would have noticed the signature the the digital artist, Adam the Creator, a.k.a. Adam Padilla, who an initial posted his digital creation on Twitter throughout Valentine’s job under the subtitle “Something special for tonight”.

Something unique indeed. This no the very first time we’ve had actually to debunk an Adam the Creator creation, either. In august 2019 we looked at one more fake product picture he was responsible for – Monster energy Ham. That also was fake.

There is no such thing as renewed Trojan condoms. The photo is fake.

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