Shop owner Arthur lock (Luther Adler) spends his critical dollar top top a wine party which, unbeknownst come him at the time, consists of a powerful genie capable of granting 4 wishes.

Despite the reluctance the his mam Edna (Vivi Janiss), Arthur decides to take it full advantage of the djinn’s offer; however, unforeseen “consequences” quickly ensue.

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Those who enjoy The Twilight Zone’s lighthearted episodes space advised to check out “The male in the Bottle” for its comedic material. The being said, pole Serling’s technique to the “genie in the bottle” trope outcomes in a disappointingly predictable outcome.


A splendid character actor, Joseph Ruskin embodied the subtle but malevolent condescension that one would expect of one unscrupulous genie. Contrasting the sly, cheat manner

exemplified by Ruskin, Arthur and also Edna castle come across as two humble yet hopelessly naïve people who cannot help but autumn prey come the apparent trickery of your ostensible servant. Specifically worth commending space those sequences inside Arthur scrupulous ponders what his following wish will certainly be, in ~ which suggest Edna’s sensible reservations are at some point overshadowed by the genie’s compelling arguments to the contrary.


Though rather tongue-in-cheek, the principle of an IRS employee collecting a tax on “wish money” boundaries on the absurd. Also unrealistic room the exorbitant fees imposed on Mr. And also Mrs. Castle, which might be legitimized only under a socialist government (perhaps such is a deliberate, albeit hyperbolic, comment on why a “tax the rich” policy would have the unintended an effect of harming small-business owners).


“The male in the Bottle” relies upon a clichéd narrative maker (i.e. Be mindful what you great for) for the purpose of teaching an important, if too many simplified, great

on being thankful for one’s circumstances, even if it is meager or not. (On a side note, pole Serling might have conveyed his message without use subject matter of a psychic nature; special, Arthur proves himself to it is in a you re welcome old guy willing to make extraordinary sacrifices for the advantage of others and therefore does not deserve come endure the unpleasant situations, e.g. Shedding all his money and also assuming the role of Hitler, the Ruskin’s genie wake up to conceive.)


Concluding Comments

Mean-spirited feeling notwithstanding, “The guy in the Bottle” has a variety of cute, wholesome, and also amusing moments to compensate because that an otherwise share premise. Notably, the benevolent characteristics of Arthur offer to counterbalance his remarkably foolish habits and collection a positive example as a result.

Overall Quality: 7/10

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Almichael says:

This was not the ideal Twilight illustration at all. First of all, the two lead personalities were finish morons.A man Arthur and wife Edna operation a pawn shop, yet not an extremely well and also they’re actual behind ~ above bills. Arthur provides an old lady who claims what she has is a treasured heirloom, a dollar accumulate of his very own financial troubles. Ns guess I have the right to accept the one because he had actually a great heart. Yet then the lady admits she lied around it being an heirloom and also anything valuable. Arthur should’ve grabbed that dollar back from she then since the lady revealed to it is in deceitful.Next is where the real idiocy the Arthur and Edna come in. A genie comes the end of the bottle and tells them they have four wishes. After ~ the “test” great which Arthur supplies to repair the glass in their screen casing (similar to movie “Bedazzled” wherein the check wish was a huge mac and also coke), Arthur and Edna wish because that a million smackers. Here’s their first idiotic move; they simply mindlessly hand the end bundles that cash to dozens of civilization from all over the neighborhood without counting any kind of of what they’re giving away or what they’d have actually left. And Arthur a brief time later complains about how they didn’t even pay one bill yet with their wish money. Ns did no feel for him as soon as crying about that. The taxation collector come in and demands over 900,000 (90%) that the winnings to go to taxes. Ns do, however, realize the they may’ve not believed that there’d be any taxes from your winnings since it wasn’t from a state or fact based resource like the lottery. They winner the money indigenous a supernatural source and i guess the I deserve to buy them not seeing the vast tax point coming. However it to be still stupid them therefore carelessly provided so much money away without keeping any type of count the it.The next idiotic relocate was Edna refusing to wish for much more money even though Arthur swore he’d be much more careful v the winnings this time. Why no wish because that more, even more than a million this time?But just carefully budget and not spend any type of of it until they first see what their taxes amount will certainly be. However no, the next wish to be Arthur wishing to be leader of a developed country that can’t it is in voted out. This to be the greatest idiotic relocate of the episode. Arthur couldn’t number out the Hitler fit that description? and he knew currently of the layout of the genie’s deceptions. It simply was not a good scene either as well as it being such a stupid move.There space definitely better TZ episodes.