Weighing the JBL charge 2 vs. UE eight 2 is a tough job because they room both really good Bluetooth speakers and also trying to to compare the two gets a little difficult. However, us were able to look in ~ both the can be fried Ears eight (UE Boom) and also the JBL charge to view which would success our Bluetooth speaker reviews.

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As large fans that music, podcasts, Chromecast, and also more, us were able to compare them in countless different situations.

This overview will show you when to to buy one and also when to buy the other.

Ultimate Ears eight 2JBL fee 2
ColorBlack, Black/White, Gray, Greenmachine, Indigo, Red, Tropical, YetiBlack, Blue, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, Teal, Yellow
Primary UseShowerComputer
Power SourceUSB, BatteryBattery
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB, AUXBluetooth, USB, AUX
Release YearSeptember 2015July 2015
Frequency Response20,000 Hz20,000 Hz
Features;Wireless, PortableWireless, Portable

1. UE boom 2 Review


Sound Quality

The sound quality is another thing the isn’t easy to compare. The is vital to consider what the speaker will certainly sound like, however you need to recognize that every kind of music sounds different.

The UE eight 2 has many more features and also customization options that the JBL charge 2 simply doesn’t offer. If you space an audiophile and you don’t mind fiddling with the settings, friend will be able to get much, much far better sound with the UE 2.

That isn’t to say the the JBL charge 3 doesn’t have actually some good sound characteristics as well. It might be much better for those that will use your speaker come stream media or those who have actually a tiny group of people.

As far as volume goes, the JBL fee 3 can actually get much louder. The sound does get quite distorted as it it s okay louder, however. The UE boom 2 has actually a an ext even sound that just gets to it is in distorted at the an extremely top level of that is volume.

This isn’t to say the either of these speakers is a negative option, that is just that one speaker is clearly the much better choice.

Winner: UE boom 2

Future Proofed?

Another point to consider is whether or no these speakers can be supplied for a long time. together they room both a bit older by now, they might not have every one of the newest technology. However, both of lock seem to be an excellent enough that they will certainly keep up v the latest technology for a lengthy time. However, the UE eight 2 seems to it is in closer to its precursors than the JBL charge 2, which did obtain a significant overall in the JBL charge 3.

Conclusion: therefore Which One Is Best?

As you deserve to guess, there is a pretty clear winner in this competition, though both speaker are fairly good. When the JBL fee 2 supplies some pretty features, and also it absolutely has some exciting colors, it simply doesn’t live approximately the quality of the UE eight 2.

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However, both of this speakers room worth buying and also if friend are looking for a speaker that has actually a bit an ext personality, you might prefer the JBL charge 2.