United together One - review (Spoilers)


While ns am quiet in denial the this collection is officially over, I can not have actually asked because that a much more gritty, thrilling, intense and satisfying finishing to one of my favourite series.

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From start to finish, this publication is gripping and bloody and also fierce and also full that suspense. The Guard room thrown headfirst right into impossible challenge after challenge and you typically start to wonder if our favourite extraterrestrial warriors will survive.

If that isn’t obvious, i loved this book.I loved just how Sarah’s death changed John from gift calm and calculated into someone who is hasty and ruthless and didn’t treatment whether he live or died (but I’m happy he survived and starting becoming the old man again).

I loved every the battles. The battles are constantly so intense and thrilling and also enjoyable, and also leave girlfriend on the sheet of your seat. Added to this is the an altering of POV’s, leaving you on a little cliffhanger. I mean, the final battle was absolutely fantastic. Setrakus Ra was together disturbing and seemingly indestructible as always, and yet healing to be what damaged him. I just love just how this final fight showed just how much the personalities have occurred since we were very first introduced to them and also how truly powerful they space both as a team and also as individuals.

I specifically loved the ending. I understand that a couple of people didn’t prefer some of the character’s choices, however I believed it was all fitting. Because that example; John, Six and Sam. I believed it made sense for man to type himself out and also grieve and also move top top privately prior to reaching the end to them. Anyone grieves and also experiences points differently, so ns was relieved he take it time out for himself, specifically given all the he’d to be through and his head space throughout this book.

After every little thing John has actually been through, ns cannot express exactly how happy i am that something (hopefully) can happen in between him and also Marina. Seriously, this requirements to be canon. They both worthy happiness.

You recognize who else deserves happiness? Adam. One of the ideal characters in the entire series, that helped and also saved plenty of Loric and also Guard, the male who betrayed his world for what is right, and would have risked it all to conserve the earth. Adam, who is beinglocked away with other Mogadorians. This man is a hero who doesn’t worthy this. I recognize that it to be made clear that he want to be there to help Mogadorians change their ways, yet still. That deserves better.

Apart from Adam’s unsatisfying ending, over there is one various other thing I would change, and it entails a details psycho Mogadorian bitch named Phiri Dun-Ra. Why the guard didn’t death her once she was very first introduced still bothers me. She has actually caused nothing however trouble and nearly killed Adam and also Six. She should’ve been killed off best in the beginning.

Of course, ns am ecstatic that my favourite kick-ass couple Sam and also Six both survived and are together. Seriously, this two have been v thick and also thin and also I am so exceptionally happy because that them.

Although, when everything about the finishing was perfect (except for Adam), I will certainly admit though the the totality Lorien college for safety feels an extremely X-Men like and cringey.

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Again, i loved this book and also can’t think that this amazing collection has ended. Say thanks to you Pittacus Lore for producing this series and giving the characters a satisfying and believable ending. They will be missed.