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Janette W.

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The mail carriers are great!! It"s the lack of organization that rates has poor! Our normal carrier is around to retire. In the average time us are getting carriers the don"t know the route so the letter is either not yielded or yielded to the plainly marked, other boxes, or castle don"t have a an essential to unlock the boxes? It would certainly be quite to check out some one human being learning and also taking over this route. Dorsey ave citizens thank you!!

Renee S.

The postal business wonders why it"s losing money? I had actually two packages on exact same truck for delivery. The cheap one was delivered to mine door. The expensive one appears to be "lost".. It"s a delivery organization that deserve to not do deliveries-of course it isn"t make money.

Johana S.

I Live in ~ The Park in ~ River"s leaf on Dorchester Road. I very own 2 houses In the exact same street and I am having actually a problem with one delivery woman who REFUSES to placed my mail in one of my letter box..... Saying that it is ILLEGAL to have 2 various addresses. It has actually been going for years. Once she is not on duty, the other world put my letter in each resolve without trouble. Really.... It is illegal to have 2 people with the very same name and surname ? and what6 organization of the shipment woman is it? Amazingly, when other delivery civilization are on duty, I have no problem.... And also BTW, she did placed the taxation return on a neigthbour who doesn"t live below at the moment...... What have the right to I carry out to do this bully recognize that she has to go by the rule ?

I am brand-new to Hanahan, ns live in Tanners room plantation, i beleive my letter is being placed in the wrong mail box (I have received and also often other neighbors mail) ns realized this when I was asked by a buisness to upgrade my mailing address when i had currently done so and they likewise showed the exactly address. This tells me my letter is being put in the not correct box and by doing therefore it it s okay returned(cause ns so new there nobody knows me by name yet, i guess. I have actually noticed we have at the very least 4 different shipment people, that might be component of the problem, I perform not know. Have the right to this be corrected despite reguarding me receiving mine mail?

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