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Barb K.

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Terrible - I deserve to never gain them come answer the phone. Is everyone there?? I have been trying to call two numbers the I have actually for them for the critical 2 hours. The phone simply rings off of the hook.

Victoria L.

I Wouldnt give it a star unless i had to .one the thier wonderful carriers left one unsecured loaded handguns that led to my 16 year old young death and at his funeral no one person from that write-up office came approximately me his mommy who never knew my ex husband even had a pistol the greatest coldest losers ever before .

Aymee J.

Attitude and morons occupational there. Unprofessional, condescending and ghettofabulous. Worst short article office I\"ve ever before visited. A woman tried to tell me I have the right to have a package sent and held. Then once she realized she was wrong, she proceeded come tell me it\"s a \"new thing\" they\"re doing. Then claimed \"As lengthy as the doesn\"t occur all the time\". Hey, moron, perform you even know wherein you work? Not happen all the time? As lengthy as friend don\"t open up your mouth all the time, girlfriend might appear like you have actually two brain cells working in tandem.

The mail delivery person is only during the route as soon as or double a week. This route must be excellent 5/6 job a week.

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I got almost the exact same treatment together \"Bryson .S\" did through this so-called supervisor and also her\" Attitude!\" and yes it appears that the various other workers don\"t want to divulge her surname either? She was really unprofessional, and simply repugnant! and yes, she also hung up on me likewise when I pointed out her attitude issue. I had to report her to the 800 number myself.I hope they replace this human soon. As I don\"t want people like this taking care of my important personal information.. Plus, their are world that can surely perform far far better of this project than her. As I have dealt with these postal instances many of time before, however was never disrespected choose this!

I called and tried obtaining information ~ above a package the I\"ve been getting the run around around and the customer company was TERRIBLE!!!!! The lady reply the phone v an nasty attitude. Climate she repeatedly spoke come me that way. In ~ the end of the contact I inquiry for her supervisor and she claimed \"I to be THE SUPERVISOR\" . Then i asked because that the super supervisor and she gave me his surname without the last name, called me that the contact was recorded and make certain I tell him everything and also hung increase on me. As soon as I called right back, that sounded prefer someone picked up the phone quikly and also hung it appropriate up. Climate I called again and got a man and also asked that her surname which it seem favor he was protecting her since he said he wasn\"t sure. For this reason I called from a various number and also boom over there she was again through an attitude. So i disguised mine voice and also asked she name and she claimed Lisa and I thanked her, got off the phone and called the 1800 number to document a complaint.