The United states Citizenship and Immigration services released the January 2016 Visa Bulletin because that adjustment of condition applicants.1

The Visa Bulletin shows when a person who is the beneficiary the an authorized immigrant visa petition may document for one immigrant visa. It contains filing dates for family-sponsored and also employment-based immigrant visa preferencecategories.

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An extraterrestrial may file for an immigrant visa when his or her priority date is before the submit date detailed on the ideal chart. The priority date is usually the date on which the alien's sponsor (either a household member or an employer, other than in self-petitioning cases) filed the immigrant visa petition ~ above his or she behalf. If job certification required for one alien that was the beneficiary of one employment-based immigrant visa petition, the day that the job certification was welcomed for handling serves together the prioritydate.

Please note that “C” means “current,” and way that an alien in the given group with an authorized immigrant visa petition is default to document for an immigrant visa in January the 2016 nevertheless of his or her prioritydate.

Dates because that Filing Family-Sponsored convey of status Applications (January2016)

Family-SponsoredAll ChargeabilityAreas ExceptThose ListedCHINA-mainlandbornINDIAMEXICOPHILIPPINES

Employment- BasedAll Chargeability areas Except Those ListedCHINA — mainland bornINDIAMEXICOPHILIPPINES
Other workers01OCT1501DEC0615MAY0401OCT1501NOV07
Certain religious WorkersCCCCC
5thNon-RegionalCenter(C5 and also T5)C08JAN14CCC
5thRegionalCenter(I5 and R5)C08JAN14CCC

We have had the final action dates for “Certain religious beliefs Workers” and also “5th regional Center (I5 and R5)” that will certainly be effective once the conference omnibus invoice is signed into law. These 2 programs had been slated to expire prior to Congress i agreeed to money them till September 30,2016.

The USCIS news release consists of a graph that gives a straightforward overview that the convey of condition process. I have reproduced the chart listed below for yourconvenience:




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